Saturday, May 05, 2007

Prayr request (urgent)

I have an urgent prayer request for one of my dad’s friends (Ronnie) who leases my dad’s marine repair shop. He has been doing this business for years without any major incidents until this morning when an empty gas tank on one of the boats he was working on exploded, almost severing one leg below the knee and his foot on the other leg. My dad said he may lose both the lower leg and the foot as a result. His arms had several broken bones. No apparent major burns or damage to his eyes. He did suffer internal organ damage (colon) due to the pressure of the blast which required an emergency colostomy. The explosion was heard 3 blocks away, according to my dad. Ronnie never lost consciousness throughout this whole ordeal and thankfully there were people on the spot right after this happened who were able to keep him stable until EMS arrived. Ronnie’s wife’s name is Bonnie. Easy to remember, huh? Ronnie & Bonnie. Please remember them in prayer as there have been and will be surgeries to save life and hopefully limb over the next few days. I thank you and I know Ronnie would also thank you.

Bryan twisted or sprained his ankle at the all night youth get together in the Hosanna gym. I got the midnight call and thought – “okay, Lord, give me some good news”, knowing that a call this late is not a “hey what you doing” type of call. I had just said amen after praying with Robin, turned to change shirts and the phone rang. Like they say, it could always be worse. Ain’t that the truth! So I drove over and picked him up and we iced down the ankle. He is in the bed now. I think it will be okay since this is not his first ‘ankle twister rodeo’.

That lightening storm and rain had me going! I have had enough of both to last me a while. My corn plants are all lying on their sides – I’ll have to drop a line between them Saturday and straighten them up a little.

You never know when some tragedy may befall you or a loved one. That is why it is best to first of all have a relationship with God, through Christ, and then to keep it fresh everyday – that way you are prepared for whatever may come your way. Amen.

God Bless. George.

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Sonja said...

Defenately will be, what a tragic event, thank God he is still alive!

I too am glad the rain is over...the ground is completely WET all over.

Tell Brian Jonah will pray for his bow,bow...I guess that is how you spell it!

Have an awesome day inspite of all the news, the sun is shinning and it's a NEW day!