Monday, May 07, 2007

Time . . .

Two more weeks of school left. Time flies by so fast – especially when it comes to the kids. Their progress is easier to mark, kind of like a yard stick. My 43rd birthday is a few months away, Robin’s 42nd is next week and we have been married going on 18 years. My car is going on 12 years old and Lauren is ready to start driving. There are so many other larger, historic land marks too – like the first Irag war, the present Afgan/Iraq war and 9/11. Do you remember this line, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”? If you guessed Ronald Reagan, you guessed right.
What is time anyway? Is it just a type of measurement among many other measurements? A way of interpreting our reality is one theory I have. We only get so many trips around the sun, only so many full moons, only so many summers and winters. I can remember, when I was much younger, calculating how many summers I had lived through and how many I had left if I lived to be 80 years old. It almost bums you out if you think about how ‘short lived’ everything is. That is one more proof to me that this life is temporary for a reason. It causes us to ‘look up’ and ask the why questions – it causes us to seek out and to search the deeper things that life has to offer.

Today was pretty good, except for my old 'nemisis' Mr. pain. He tries to keep me from enjoying Church services, family and friends, etc. Sometimes he is successful, at other times he is not. He must be a ‘vagrant’, since he moves around a lot. One minute he may camp out between my shoulder blades, then my lower left abdomen, then around the kidneys – heck, sometimes he must be a magician – since he can be at more than one place at a time! He does serve to remind me that I am in a battle, if that can be considered ‘good’. He also reminds me to pray more often. Like Pastor Don said today, if your faith has not been tested lately - hold on - cause it is coming. Nothing last too long, whether it is good times or bad times. There is a season for everything is so true.

Update: My Dad’s friend Ronny is in ICU still, but breathing on his own. Tomorrow he will have surgery on his left foot to try and save/repair it. He did lose the right leg below the knee. He will also need surgery on his pelvis which was damaged. So, when you pray, remember Ronny and Bonnie.

I get my results tomorrow. I’ll let everyone know something soon.

Prayer: Dr. Hackler, Debbie from CVT, Barbara Gerard (and also their donation account), George (me), my mother Patsy.

Another big week ahead - Go at it in faith.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the inspiring words. Seeing you in church in spite of your pain was hard to watch (only because of my love for you) but very encouraging. I'm sure I'll think twice before staying home from church b/c of a headache. Good lesson for me.
Russ and I will pray tonight for good test results. Whatever the physical outcome of the tests - we will be STANDING WITH YOU IN THE SPIRIT.
Love you and Robin bunches,

Anonymous said...

Hey Goerge...I missed you today at work....we really miss you at CVT...I think we talk about you everyday...I really love reading your helps us keep up with you, and it's very inspiring to and Robin and the kids are always in my prayers...Love Liz