Thursday, June 21, 2007

Doing better. . .

Thanks to all involved in my care - medical and otherwise - I am doing so much better than Monday. Tuesday was so good I think I over-worked myself around the house and yard since I was back on the couch almost all day Wednesday. Not in a bad way, just a tired way, not depressed way. I piddled around the house following treatment this morning (I only have 5 treatments left), cleaned the dishes, etc. I have had a mild increase in my appetite along with some energy level increase. The other things we don't like to discuss in public are working a whole lot smoother also. Praise God!!! So, having said all of that . . . .
Robin and the kids are running around like a chicken . . . well, just like a 'chicken'. I had better say and leave it at that, cause there are some ears outside that might hear that comment and get 'concerned'. They are busy with sports and Church. The chickens, cats, bunnies, dog and even our resident "deck lizard" all appear to be doing well. The lizard likes to sit in the middle of our door glass and only leaves that position when we walk up or if it gets to hot - we even watched him shed his skin the other day.
My parents are doing well and hopefully they will be able to come up for a visit soon. My Aunts have both gone back home today to Alabama.

Update on Dr. Hackler, he has traveled to Argentina from what I hear to have some form of "designer chemo therapy" done. Do not hold me to it, but that is in a nutshell what it is. Some type of process whereby the Doctors design the chemo specifically to your cancer to kill your cancer. He is to begin the process this Friday(tomorrow), so if you will, please be in prayer for Dr. Mike Hackler and also his wife who is with him that all will go smoothly and that it will work.

Also, Robin's cousin Barbara and her husband Don, for recovery from surgery and continued weight gain and overall healing.

Thanks for the continued prayer and praise support! We love ya'll.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the chicken don't mind you saying Robin and the children running around like chicken as long as you don't with their heads cut off they should be ok. It sounds like you are doing better and that is exciting to me. Paul and I are praying for you today PUSH. Have a great afternoon. Good to hear good reports. Gayle

Ruth said...

So glad you are feeling better!!

Ruth Burton