Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"This is the day that the LORD has made , I will rejoice and be glad in it."

What a way to start the day. It was quite a wake up call – or should I say a wake up scream. Rejoicing was a tough thing to do initially for me. This reminded me of the earlier chemo days of the 1 hour plus bathroom visits. I almost gave up and cancelled my two Dr. appointments, but I am glad I did not, a lot was accomplished. I told the Dr. about it and we are adjusting things a bit to see if that will help. He commented that all of my blood work was well within normal limits.

This was one
of those days when the Lord’s footprints were the only ones you could see on the beach, since He was carrying me. Sometimes He will deliver you out of it, over it or around it – and then sometimes He brings you through it. It was all I could do to just hold on for the ride, but He faithfully got me to the other side.

Not much else done other than staying in the bed resting comfortably until Vivian’s birthday party at 7 pm. She is now 13. A good time was had by all. We turned in before 10 pm – an unusual thing for us, though. More to come tomorrow, Lord willing.



Anonymous said...

"The Lord is George's rock,his fortress, and his savior;his God is his rock, in whom he finds protection.
He is George's shield,the strength of his salvation, and his stronghold,his high tower,his savior,the One who saves him from violence. George calls on the Lord who is worthy to be praised and he is saved from his enemies.
The waves of death surrounded him/ the floods of destruction swept over him. The grave wrapped its ropes around him,death itself stared him in the face.
But in his distress he cried out to the Lord...Yes, he called to his God for help. He heard him from His sanctuary; George's cry reached His ears.
...He reached down from heaven and rescued him. He drew him out of the deep waters. He delivered George from his powerful enemies ,from those who hated him and were too strong for him.
They attacked him at a moment when he was weakest, but the Lord upheld him. He led him to a place of safety.
The Lord rescued George,because He delights in him."
II Sam.22:1-7;17-20
We love you and are standing with you all...
Cathy and Bill

Anonymous said...

Hey George, We are at work and want you to know that we love you and are always thinking of you. I don't know if you heard about our little "trip" Tuesday night, but Todd from Siemens sent us in a limousine to New Orleans for a conference. We had 10 of us packed in a limo with drinks flowing. It was so much fun, and of course things got a little out of hand, and I mean I didn't think people could dance so much in a limo, but we figured out how. We actually got scolded by the limo driver....He told us we were being "too rambuctuous". But the conference was very interesting and we got to see some of the new machines they are coming out with. Todd from Siemens asked about you and wanted to know how you were doing. I could write for days about Tuesday night, but I'll end it here and when we see you again we'll fill you in on more of the juicy details. Well, we miss you so much....we love you....Liz, Mitzi, Sophie, and Scott

Sonja said...

Hey George...hope you are feeling "good". I've been out of town since Tuesday (today is Friday)needed to get away and clear my head and focuss on Jesus...there seems to always be a "work" a molding in my heart. I prayed for you.

Jonah and I will come over and weed your garden anytime next week if you would like!!! Let us know.

We will see you on Sunday...rejoicing over you with "songs of deliverance" that you are here to celebrate Fathers day!!!! and a great father at that!

Still PUSHING!!!!