Friday, July 20, 2007

chemo done...

Well today George had his pump removed for his chemo treatments. He was kind of tired today but that is usual on Friday after a week of chemo. However, tonight his appetite was good he sent me to get us a steak to split and each a baked potato at this steak house around the corner. It was really good and we both ate our fill. This is wild because tomorrow my brother is supposed to make us steaks again. I guess George is having a hankering for some good ole protein.

I spent some much needed time alone with the Lord today. Boy, our FATHER is good. He does not disappoint. I just have a continued peace in my heart that George is going to be HEALED. I don't know when and I don't know how, I JUST KNOW. I will not throw away my confidence which the Bible says has great recompense of reward. And what a great place to put your confidence, put it in the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He IS the Great I AM. Man that is the God we serve. He is acquainted with our sufferings so how can we not trust Him.

Monday we go back to the Dr. and will probably be put in the hospital in order to have the PET scan. We want the report of the Lord. Stand and watch the salvation of our GOD.



Will said...

Amen & Amen! I too am confident with you. Faith is such an amazing gift from our Father. May God continue to pour out grace and strength on ya'll until faith becomes sight.

Russell said...

George and Robin:
I stand in awe of our mighty God who is able! I too am believing with all that I know and understand, that George will continue to be a walking, talking, praising, witnessing and testifying overcomer of the healing power of our Lord and Savior. The anchor holds!
Love and affection,

Anonymous said...

George & Robin:
The same here I stand in confident with you that my brother will be healed in the name of Jesus. Just a note to say thanks for the update and George you looked great yesterday. I think maybe it could be all the steaks you have been eating. Your color was great and looked like you had more energy. Robin even though I was in the nursery it was awesome to watch you on TV at the altar praising our God and then girl you took off. That blessed my soul sister. You two have a great week together and keep us posted on the update of all the test results. I am standing and believing for a complete healing in the the Name of Jesus. Love you both your faithful blog reader Gayle