Monday, July 23, 2007

pet scan...

We are in the hospital waiting for George to have a pet scan. Be praying with us for good results. No more tumors, Lord.

Last night at about 8:30pm things got rough. George had been having cramps all day and they were getting the best of him. He went to the bathroom and I literally did warfare in the hall while he was in there. He was struggling. I really feel that it was more spiritual warfare considering the church service that we had Sunday.

The Lord moved in our service in a mighty way. There was definitely victory in the house. The level of warfare has increased because George and I along with you have decided we are not playin'. The enemy was defeated when Jesus gave His life and rose again from the dead and yesterday I spoke it out that the Lord paid to great a price for us not to walk in the fullness of everything he paid for. That would be like a parent spending money to buy you a car lets say and you choose to ride a bike or something. Why?? the car is paid for!!!!!! Our healing, our forgiveness, our deliverance from the enemy IT IS PAID FOR. It is settled and the Lord was the victor. So I will not settle for less than what Jesus paid for so we will stand ground. As a friend Greg said it is just the devil roaring. When he thinks he can roar and shut you down he just keeps roaring. He roars with symptoms, he roars with fears, he roars with lies and deception. But the truth of the matter is he is a DEFEATED foe. Yes he is our foe but he is a DEFEATED foe.

Stand saints of God. Decide to step it up a notch and realize that most of our problems are things that we allow because we do not engage the enemy with confidence that through Christ we are the victors. WHEW!!!! I have preached myself happy.

I will let you know more later


Sonja said...

You Go Robin!!!! Whatever can be shaken Will be shaken!!! Our stand has and will be the same no matter what. Because of the cry of this man, He the Lord, will give us this place under the Sun! And when He does we will say "there has not been a day like it." (Joshua 10)
Indeed the warfare is increasing but so is the Passion for Jesus. Those who draw near to Him, He will draw near to them mightily! The impurities that remain will be washed off once and for all. His love is that Powerful.
Greg is right, the roar is just that...and in that we need to constantly remind ourselves WHO we are in Christ is by Him and through Him that we ARE able to walk in authority.
Although tough at times, we are not going to leave our POSTS!!!!

Psalm 37:34
Wait on the Lord, and keep His ways, and He shall exalt you to inherit the land;
When the wicked are cut off, you shall see it.



agardana said...

Seems the women are preaching today. I just wanted to add my AMEN! Love you Stacie

Anonymous said...

Preach, Preacher!!

"Bishopess" (he! he!) Robin you got your preach on! You are right! If we would only walk in the authority that we already have...(that's been there all along!)How differently we would start to see things! That was good.....I have my white hanky out just a wavin' it! Our prayers are with you and George believing for a "clean" report!

Blessings to you,