Wednesday, July 25, 2007

on the way home...

This stay at the hospital has been eventful to say the least. Later in all of George's literary splendor I will let him write and explain the fun we have had over the last couple of days. We will be heading home within the hour so I wanted to let you know that once we are home George will update the blog. He told me to tell y'all that he loves you all.

Dr. Patten said he may have the results later today and he will call us. As soon as we know something we will update the site. Pray, pray, pray.

Jesus our trust in every way is in you. There is nothing that you cannot do. You are the strength of our lives, our stronghold. Press is saints of God not just in prayer for us but to know Him better. He is worth pressing into. The comfort He brings, the love He gives is SUPERNATURAL.

Talk to you later,


Anonymous said...

George & Robin,

I am praying and believing. Glad you guys are on your way home. Thanks for the update. Have a bless day and let us all know the results. Waiting in expectancy. Love you both Gayle

Judith said...

Praying a covering of peace and a place of rest that is only found in Jesus - that is the secret place. I'm thrilled that the Lord calls us closer and closer. We are so precious to Him. Keeping you in God's sweet care!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely we're there waiting in expectation with you!
You're so right about His Supernatural Presence!! There's no place like it. It's where you call those things that be not as though they were! It's where your Faith rests securely on the Solid Rock, no wavering. It's where you KNOW He Loves You just like you are. I know you've been there many times. It's what's sustaining you in this battle!
Praying with you,

Sonja said...

Psalm 85:10-13
Love and Faithfulness meet together, Righteousness and Peace KISS each other.
Faithfulness springs forth from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven.
The Lord will INDEED give what is GOOD, and our land WILL yield its harvest.
Righteousness goes before Him and prepares the way for His steps.

His Love and faithfulness is what keeps US all going...
You two have been and continue to be faithful, He will yield His best for you! And we ALL trust what His best is!!!