Tuesday, August 28, 2007

drain tube

Yesterday George had a drain tube placed in his side. This is to help with any fluid build up in his abdomen. We believe that all of the symptoms are on the decrease and that soon he will be walking in the fullness of his healing. God spike to my heart weeks ago as I was praying for restoration for George that he would be better than that man. He would be better than the man he was before all of this. I believe it and look forward to the day George is fulfilling his purpose. This is just a step along the journey.

Keep testifying, because I believe that in that we will see our faith increased and our expectation level rise.



Russell said...

Is that tube called the "latter day drain"??? Trying to find some light spots in this bottom of the barrel season, i.e. drains are at the bottom. I believe George has hit the bottom with this latter day drain and will now begin experiencing the wonders of the "healing process" that will bring him UP and OVER the top in health and well being. He is indeed a better man than when he began this journey and reflects the Master in awesome ways for all to see and give God glory! Thanks to you both for being "you" and being "Christlike" in your faith and countenance. We love you.

Anonymous said...

George & Robin
I agree with Brother Russell. We are on our way up. George, Robin, Lauren & Bryan are not the same people I knew two years ago. Your faith has increase in areas that I would have given up. But you have fought the fight and will finish the race. When the fight is finish and the race is won we will see the Glory of Our Lord fall. Salvation will come out of this and what you all have been through will not return void. I was reading a devotion today and it said it ain't over til the fat lady sings (no offense to anyone). Well the devotion stated it ain't over til the Lord say so. And He hasn't said so. Love you all. Gayle

Anonymous said...

Robin and George,

Truthfully, I am uncertain of what the Lord is doing, obviously, none of us do. However, the one thing most of us do recognize is the Master's fingerprints all over this trial! As simple of a thought that, that might be, I take great comfort in it for you and your family.

He is the Lord, faithful and mighty. He watches and moves in powerful awe. Not always in thunder and erruption, but sometimes in the overwhelming strength of a still, small, voice.

Be at peace and sense His touch.

We love you folks,

Bill, Cathy, Billy, Callie and Catelyn

Sallie said...

Robin and George,
Ruth Waites is in our Ladies Bible Study and we continue to lift you both before the Lord. Praying for your healing George.
In February my husband, age 57, had a major heart attack - in the LAD (widow maker)it was 100% blockage. The surgeon who treated him in the ER said he should be dead. But God intervened and healed him. He now has a stent and is doing wonderfully. Changed? yes.... God brough us both into a much closer relationship with Him, testify indeed! We all need to testify over and over and over again of the wonderful grace and mercy of our Lord. Of the marvelous healings... I rejoice every day as I look at my husband and remember what my Lord did that Saturday in February. just one little reminder of all the wonderful things He does in our lives everyday. Praying for you continually. . . we will keep a watch on your blog. May God heal you and restore you to the man He wants you to be for Him! Thank you for your testimony, for your faithfulness through it all.....