Monday, August 27, 2007


Please use this blog to testify of what the Lord has done. If it was something the Lord did yesterday at church or something the Lord did days, months, or years ago, TESTIFY!!!! They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their Testimony, and they loved not their lives unto death. Let's get the word out that JESUS is alive and well and is READY, WILLING, and ABLE to take care of the things we lay before Him. He is not a magician looking to perform He is our GOD, our FATHER looking to have relationship, wanting us to trust Him.



nicole a. said...

The Lord healed Christopher almost a year ago from recurring ear infections. He had several infections in a row, and the doctor wanted to install tubes. We asked to hold off on surgery, prayed and annointed him with oil, and he has not had an ear infection since. The Lord be magnified!

PS He has also blessed us with another baby:)

Sonja said...

Congradulations Nicole!!!!
Sunday morning was life changing in many aspects of my own heart. First, I realized I do and can continue to walk FREE in the authority of the Lord, accusations are hard sometimes but I know that comes with walking in the Light as He is in the light.
The Lord knows and sees my heart and that is really ALL that matters, my problem has been that I always wanted others to see it too. In that, I have held back from walking free in Christ...Sunday, an authority ROSE up in my spirit and what man thinks of me now longer is much of an issue, I wanted to be free of that. Now, I just have to walk it out.
Much happened with me yesturday even after church and I realize even more what the Lord has called my vessel to...greater levels of intercession!
This is my testimony. A level of faith rose up in me I have not had and I am excited to allow the Lord to stir that up.
Know this...what God sees as PURE the enemy will Saints be on guard for the deciever is there ready to distort what WE all recieved Sunday morning! Let us continue to BELIEVE the Lord for the impossible in OUR own lives therefore believing it for the Waites!
Shout unto the Lord for He is Good and our VICTORY is at hand!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think there are words to describe the service on Sunday except to say that God showed up! The Glory of the Lord came and the Heavens were opened!! We are so thankful for the move of God upon the church body. Some took banners and waved them as they walked, children laying hands on children and adults. Brian and Lauren were surrounded by young people interceeding for them. Many were praying for George, mostly men and the women with Robin. WOW! 2 testimonies were given of being healed from cancer, which increased our faith! Gayle was healed of a knee problem while she was watching the service on TV in the nursery! Many people who never come to the altar came for healing, physical, emotional, spiritual etc. God was in control doing what He does best and meeting each need!
WE are standing with you all and believing God with you for a Mighty Miracle in George's life!!
Much Love and Prayers,
Mom Eileen xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I know that we serve the one true God, the miracle worker and healer. Robin asked for stories of healings. Here is mine. When Zac was a babe in my arms I fell in the driveway of an evangelist friend. I hit the ground so hard my wedding band had a dent in it for 10 years. That hand was all that between his head and the concrete. Zac was rushed into the house where men of God prayed. He looked pretty bad (discoloration and swelling)and no one would let me see him. Before we left their home, his head was perfect- not a scratch or bruise. Our God is an awesome God. I believe God wills to heal George, I am standing in faith with you that the manifestaion of the healing will come. I love you guys and God loves you more. Madeleine

Anonymous said...


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