Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tomorrow George will be having a scope lower GI to see if there is a reason why he is struggling going to the bathroom. You know George always shares every detail and has never held anything back so I guess I am just letting y'all know what's going on. That is part of the reason he has been as weak as he has been is just all that back and forth to the potty. So now he is dealing with the pain of hemorrhoids. This is giving him a great deal of pain. The discomfort is excruciating and the pain is wearing him down.

He had at least 11 friends come in from River Ridge to visit on Tuesday. What a blessing!!! George was so excited to see them. We have eaten at my mom's and boy that has been nice. George's parents and aunts are in so that will be a blessing to have them around. They will be taking him to the appt tomorrow.

Body of Christ, we need each other. You have truly been the hands extended of our Lord Jesus Christ and you have poured out His love on our family in ways that only heaven will adequately record. Thanks again for all you do. Your prayer covering is the difference maker. The battle is ultimately the Lords but we do take up battle positions and stand our ground like David did as he faced Goliath.

Yesterday as I was praying the story of Jesus calming the sea came to mind. Immediately I thought oh Lord I do not want to hear you say You of little faith.....I want to know who is in the boat with me. I want to speak forth with the authority that is in Jesus name because the Holy Spirit lives in me. The ressurection power that raised Christ from the dead resides in me. So I began speaking to the storm PEACE BE STILL. I am still speaking to the storm PEACE BE STILL.

I will be in touch later with more info.



Anonymous said...

Still praying in Florida. Carole's Mom, Linda

Russell said...

Robin and George,
We are in the boat with you and our all powerful and all wise Savior. He is the Anchor that holds in the midst of any storm. He is the Rock that stabilizes our every step. He is ALL.
We love you.... we encourage you to "stay" trusting in the midst of this weary season. By His grace you can.
In Christ,

Anonymous said...

We love you George and Robin!

The Howells.

FeatherIron said...

I know I haven't gotten to see you guys much during all this but I pray for George ALL the time. I can't get through a worship service at church without George coming to mind and then I pray again for him. I will continue to do so and to remind others to do so.

Hang on, hang on tight!

MountainMan said...

We're really missing y'all. I find that I am praying regularly throughout the day as I get breaks from work and think of George. We are having fun up here partly because I know George would want that, but it hurts not to be home right now. Our home number is forwarded up here. If y'all want to talk, don't hesitate! Love, Randy and Crew

Kenny said...

George and Robin,
We love you guys! We are praying and waiting for that miracle! This is just one more I am going to be able to witness in my life and I am so excited that I will get to see it unfold. Hold on to the promises that God has given you. God has given me many of promises and they have come too pass.

Kim and Bryan

Kenny said...

O Yeah! This is really not Kenny talking!!!!