Sunday, August 26, 2007

stand still and see the salvation of the LORD....

WOW!!! The Lord Jehovah, the Great I AM made an appearance today in our church service. He is always there desiring to be acknowledge and glorified, and our services are always powerful, but today something happened in the SPIRIT that manifested in the natural. FAITH was expressed and people agreed in unity and DARED to trust without doubt the MIGHTY word of GOD. I really sense that the word of the LORD from FRIDAY thatI posted on the blog is the heart of GOD. How HE longs to have His children TRUST HIM. We say DAD we not only trust you will deliver us, we know it. As I watched the young children praying for George today my heart was so full because I felt that that was the kind of faith God is looking for. So simple, not cynical, not doubtful, expecting that if you pray for the sick they will recover because the Bible says so. I am basking in that childlike faith. When God moves you just want to stay in the moment and today was no exception.

George's mom was so blessed. She made the comment that the people of Hosanna are extremely caring and committed. We have been talking about the move of God all afternoon.

George's aunt had gone to her church in Alabama on Wednesday night and a visiting preacher used for his text John 11:4 "This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God's glory so that God's Son may be glorified through it." She called Granny and was telling her how it seemed the preacher was preaching George's story. We have said all along that this journey is not about us. It is about all of us coming to the place where we stop playing church and realize that there is a lost and dying world out there that needs to know Jesus. This healing is not about staying alive to make more money and retire someday. The healing is about the Son being glorified. Just as Jesus called forth Lazarus, we stand and call forth broken marriages to restoration, we call forth the prodigals, we call forth those who are spiritually dead men walking, we call forth those who are lost in sin, we call forth all who have lost hope. We say trust in God, trust in God, trust in God.

Thanks to all of those who shared their testimonies of God's healing power. Let's continue to worship our Lord in spirit and truth. Lift our eyes to the hills from where our help comes from. We love you all and with you we're STANDING STILL and watching the redemption of the LORD.

George send his love and hopefully soon he will share some words.


Will said...

Go ahead God! I receive what you've written here. Prophecy, Robin, prophecy!

You wrote the line "we're STANDING STILL"... I've been standing on Exodus 14:13 for many months.

Ex 14:13 Moses answered the people, "Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will BRING you today. The Egyptians you see today you will NEVER SEE AGAIN"

A couple of thing stand out for me. God will BRING deliverance not send it. That means He will be right here when deliverance arrives. As special as God's deliverance (healing) will be, His presence will be even better.

Also, when God brings deliverance this time, you will never see THIS enemy again.

Keep on writing. Let the word of the Lord go forth. It will accomplish for all of us what He has sent it forth to do.

Swing that sword!

Anonymous said...


How right and true your words are. The Lord moved today in so many way's, seen and unseen...Cathy and I are still trying to absorb it all. To see the "true body of Christ" compassionately respond....simply amazing. I will never forget the mental snapshots of today. Men gathered around George, weeping and crying out, the women gathered around you, the Pastor with his comforting embrace around Brian, the faithful little hands of the children and their bowed heads seeking their heavenly Father for Georges healing, the steady nurturing love of a mother, Patsy, sitting near her son, and George standing and lifting his arms up in victorious relinquishment of praise! The power, the stillness and peace of being in the Lords presence today...He is truly glorious.

The last picture I will never forget is YOUR crying out for healing of our son Billy while we were up front praying for him. I couldn't help but think, "Lord, I know your seeing what I'm seeing, this wonderful woman, your child crying out for my son, despite her own need! Bless her Lord, for she is truly a treasure.

We love you all,

STANDING, "with our eye's on the hill's from where our help comes from".

Bill, Cathy, Billy, Callie and Catelyn

Anonymous said...

I must say it was an awesome service yesterday. Although I was in the nursery you could feel the presence of the Lord. I needed healing in my right knee. I said if only I was in there Lord. I was sitting in the rocking chair and the pain left immediately. The Lord said I will meet you where you are. I told Jessica my knee is not hurting anymore. I went to the bathroom knelt on my knee which is extremely painful but i knelt down and the pain was still there but it was only soarness. Praise the Lord. Love you both Gayle