Saturday, September 22, 2007


Well the end of the week has come and gone. It has been busy with church and ballgames. Bryan is going to the LSU game this afternoon, he is so excited. Lauren is going to be hanging out with some friends for the game.

God's peace and comfort is absolutely priceless. Hearing how God is touching peoples lives is like eating a juicy peach and savoring every bite. Our God brings forth eternal rewards in the midst of temporal events. I continue to stand amazed at how good God is.

Thursday I was going to the post office and while I was in my van I was listening to a CD called "Glorious" and one of the songs came on and the presence of God was so evident in the van I almost had to pull over to bask in it. I was laughing and crying at the goodness of God. Also, realizing that as intense as I was experiencing the presence of the LORD, George is in that presence to the fullest at that moment I was so happy for George. The reality of the moment is something I will cherish.

More later,


Judith said...

Dear Robin,
Just want to remind you that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I know the Lord is comforting you. Do be gentle with yourself during this time. George is in heavenly paradise, but we are still here and George's gain is our loss. Grief is a very real thing. I pray that the Lord gently guides you through this time. It's a place you've never been before regarding your husband and your marriage. The Lord is always in our future . .. and He is here in this new place for you.
Take good care,

Sonja said...

I am sure you will go through much of that this year especially...waves of the Lord's evident presence and even joy...and at times a little sad because you miss George. I say, and you know me...just experience the emotions freely as they come. It's ok when they do. God knows you and loves you so much and He does all things WELL.
Your friends (including Me) are here for you, watching your back but yet hopefully giving you space...(just rebuke me if I am not moving in the Holy Spirit, I give you MUCH permission!)
You inspire me to PRESS in continually and in reference towards what George has meant to us all! If I can strive to have even the slightest affect on people as he did (knowing it was Jesus in him)than I know the Lord will have the Glory!

love you and the kids!