Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pilgrim's Progress...

I know most of you attended the wake and the service but I wanted to share in written form some of what I read Friday night.

Thursday morning in the wee hours after George had passed away, my mom and dad and many others were here at the house. My dad went to the bathroom and picked up a book that George had laying around. It was Pilgrim's Progress. My sweet dad had no idea what the book was about he actually thought it was a book about THE pilgrims. Well this is a well known allegorical book written about the Christian walk that was written in 1675. The book opened to a page and my dad just started reading and this is what he read:

They talked about the magnificence of the place with the Shining Ones,
who told them that the beauty and glory of it was inexpressible.
"There", they said," is Mount Zion, the heavenly Jerusalem, the company of angels,
and the spirits of just men made perfect. You are going now to the paradise of God,
where you will see the tree of life and eat of its never-fading fruits;
and there you will have white robes given you,
and you will walk and talk every day with the King, all the days of eternity.
There you will never again see such things as you saw when you were upon the earth,
such as sorrow, sickness, affliction, and death, 'for the former things are passed away.'
You are now going to Abraham, to Isaac, and Jacob, and to the prophets---men whom
God has 'taken away from the evil to come,' and who are now
resting upon their beds, each one walking in his righteousness."
To my dad this was sweet release of anger and questioning. It settles for us that God alone knows what He is doing. I know that George was disturbed by the condition of our world and now he is in glory not having to be worried about the state of things on this earth. He did however say in one of his notes that once he was in heaven he would ask God if he could do something to affect the world.
Your prayers have made a difference for me, Lauren and Bryan. God is truly carrying us.


Kayla said...

Oh yay! I'm so glad you shared this. I was trying to recall it and couldn't. God is so good to give us what we need when we need it. He knows the specific inroads to our individual hearts. We're all different but Father knows, and I am so thankful He spoke to your dad that morning. It was great to see you and to talk with you tonight. Ya'll are my first prayer in the morning. Love you so much sister. Kayla

Perry W. Braniff said...

I don't know you, but i'm a friend and coworker of Ida Nuccio. I can say I've been blessed to be able to read this blog and get a better understanding of what TRUE FAITH is. Keep the faith and know we are in our makers hands ALL OF THE TIME.


Sonja said...

What a reminder to us all who believe. Seeing is not believing, it's BELIEVING that is seeing...we must believe first, then we will see His Goodness and faithfulness to us.
Pray for a girl named Tina...I met her this morning (devine appointment)she has lived down the street from me all these years and today the Lord set it up for us to talk...she lost her brother this year and with tears in her eyes she shared a little about him...I could see she was still grieving. I shared your story with her and she listened intently...then we made a great connection and we'll be getting together often!(she has a little boy year younger than Jonah) Wow.
Fruit is all around us springing forth...devine appointments just waiting!

Love you sister! Thank you for reminding us where George is at and where we will be one day!


joyce said...

LOVED that story when you shared comforting is the LOVE of GOD????
Praying for you all daily.

Zechariah said...

Mrs. Robin, i'd say ya'lls joyful attitudes in this past week speak as much about our Savior as George did during the course of this blog. When I first found out, God drew me back to The Divine Yes by E. Stanley Jones, where he talks about loving God even after a crippling stroke. "I preached sermons all my life," he says, "now it was time to be one." You've all lived out more of a sermon than you could ever imagine preaching.