Saturday, September 29, 2007

family time

Lauren and I went to Carey's (my nephew) football game at Denham Springs. His school, Brother Martin from N.O. came in to play at Denham. Carey cheers for Brother Martin. They beat Denham and it was fun. It was the first high school football game Lauren had ever attended. Bryan was at a Junior High Lock In at church.

Lauren had a volleyball game this morning. They almost won it went to 5 games and the lost in the tie break 13-15. They played well considering the number of injuries on the team. They have not been 100% yet this season.

God has been so faithful to see us through the week. I can't wait for some time off (Thanksgiving) in order to start compiling this blog and find someone that can help me edit it and get it to a publisher of some kind. I know it is a process and we have several friends that have some inside scoop on the process. Thanks for all of your kind words.

Oh by the way, we had our first chicken egg yesterday. I went out and there it was laying on the ground. I was screaming George look you finally got an egg. I ate it today, I wanted to see how it was. It was good. Lay chickens lay.



Zechariah said...

Hey Mrs Robin,

depending on how you want to preserve George's writings, I can serve as a copy editor. However, if you want to keep his personality intact in the way he spelled things, that would be awesome too.

Sonja said...

I know George would have been some proud of that egg!!!! And I don't doubt that possibly knew it was coming before you even did...devine revelation you know!
Glad to see you are keeping busy and taking one day at a time...
I can't wait to read some of George's writings and hopefully one day buy THE book or CD of his songs!

Call me if you need anything!