Monday, September 10, 2007

please pray...

George is very weak. He is still standing in spirit and his confidence has not wavered. We know that our Lord is able to reach down from heaven and grant to him health and strength. In an instant things can and will change.

Last night he actually came to the table to eat supper. He had some biscuit, eggs, and grits. We were so excited that he was able to join us at the table. But it is just like the enemy that once you have won a small victory to try to knock you down. This morning as he was holding on to me to get from the bathroom back to the bed he slipped down and I had to pick him up. We triumphed through it but it was very difficult physically and emotionally.

My God is strong and in control. He granted unto me supernatural strength that I stand in awe of everyday. I know it is a result of your prayers and your constant support. Granny has been by our side the whole time and it is such a blessing to have her here with us.

Stand saints!!!! The devil wants us to look at the natural and accept what we see but how can you do that when you KNOW in your heart that God has told you otherwise. I promise I am not in denial, and I am not delusional, I just know what I heard from the Lord.

More later,


Anonymous said...

STAND in FAITH for the promise God spoke to you and do NOT waiver. In the words George spoke almost a year to the day... "Trust me. The only life worth living is a life of Faith - Faith in Christ and what he accomplished on the Cross."

Standing with you both and loving you through it... God's glory WILL be magnified.
Andrea H.

Anonymous said...

Robin & George
You all have been on my heart since last week. I always look forward to seeing your family in church on Sunday. I miss you guys yesterday. I am standing and believing with you for the healing to take place. We love you all and if there is anything we could do to help out please give us a call. Love you all the Wallace family.

Anonymous said...

George and Robin,

You have been on our hearts so much lately. I felt a genuine pain in my heart when reading your comments about George slipping and your having to pick him up...I can imagine how hard of a moment that that must have been. Everything in me wanted to be there to help you! It is times like that, when our faith is at it's foundational level.
We will NOT waiver in STANDING with you all and believing that the Lord is the God of the miraculous!

Bill, Cathy, Billy, Callie, and Catelyn

joyce said...

I woke up the other day with George on my heart. I started to pray for him while still in bed and I had this song come into my head at the same time.

This never happens to me. It's happened to my friends which I always thought was funny when one friend in particular would say..."God gave me a song for you!"

At the moment I was praying I really felt it was a "banner song" just for you all and it brought me comfort as well.
Here's the song:
"Tis so SWEET to trust in Jesus".... Here's all the words for those of you that don't remember....I couldn't remember them all either. I only knew parts of the song. I had to look them up !!!
We are thinking of you guys and praying for you all!
Hang in there!
The Mahans

joyce said...

Sorry....try this link.....part of it got cut off when I copied and pasted the other one in.
This is the correct one and will take your right there for the song and the music as well....:~)


Sonja said...

Keep strong. We are running with you in your FAITH and standing with you.
I wept hearing about the fall but rejoiced that he has such an awesome wife who IS STRONG IN THE LORD to pick him up!!! That is powerful...
Psalm 18:31-40 This is for you while you STAND in strength for your husband...drink of His word that feeds TRUTH to ones vessel and not lies.

"For who is God besides the LORD??
and who is the ROCK except our God?
It is God who arms Robin with strength and makes her way perfect. He may her feet like the feet of a deer; He enables Robin to STAND on the heights. He trains Robins hands for battle; her arms can bend a bow of bronze.
You give Robin your shield of victory (shield of FAITH ushers that in sister), and YOUR right hand O'Lord sustains her, You stoop down to make her great.
You broaden the path beneath her, so that her ankles DO NOT TURN!!!!
Robin pursued her enemies and OVERTOOK them; She did not turn back till they were destroyed (persistance in prayer and standing)
Robin crushed them so that they could not rise;
they fell beneath her feet.
You O'Lord armed Robin with STRENGTH for battle; you made her adversaries bow at her feet!!! You O'Lord made her enemies TURN their backs in flight, and she destroyed her foes!!!!
Yes Lord you ARE King of Kings! Mighty One!!! ARISE "daddy" and display you AWESOME Power in the midst of "darkness"!!!

We love you!!!!

The Howells

Ruth said...

Robin and George,

You have been on my heart, and I've been praying for you all. I will continue to do so and stand in faith and confidence with you.

Ruth Burton

FeatherIron said...

There are no words for how much I ache for your family. We pray, daily for you ALL. We know God can heal, we ask for healing for George and peace, comfort and strenght for you, Brian, Lauren, your parents and his.

Much love.


Anonymous said...

George and Robin,
Continuing to hold you up in prayer. I am so sorry to hear of the fall, but glad and relieved to know that you were both able to persevere through it. God is in control...all of the time. I am inspired and blessed by your faith.
(Todd and Wendy's friend)
Cancer survivor, 2006

Anonymous said...

George and Robin,

Stand strong in the strength of the Lord. What our minds can't see or feel or imagine, God is capable of. He is the MIGHTY ONE. I have been gone for two weeks, but are praying daily for the miracle that will show God to be God and crush all of our doubt and bring George back to full life.
Love Doug and Sue Broussard

Will said...

You're not in denial, not delusional, just in DEFIANCE of what the natural eye sees. Holding on to TRUTH! Fully persuaded! Strengthened by God.

Anonymous said...

George & Robin,
Micah 7:7-8: But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation. My God will hear me. Do not rejoice over me, O my enemy. THOUGH I FALL I WILL RISE; though I dwell in darkness, the Lord is a light for me. Robin, you might have been physically alone when you were helping George up but you are not alone in this battle! Look around you and see that we are all standing with you! Who is this uncircumcised Philistine who taunts the army (the child) of the Living God? I don't think so!
We love you,
Bev O.

Anonymous said...

We are all still praying for George and your family in Florida.
Thinking of you everyday.
Love Carole's MoM (Linda)

Anonymous said...

George and Robin,

You are contantly in our thoughts and prayers. We are challenged and blessed by your faithfulness. You continue to inspire our family with your willingness to be used in such a profound way. We love you all so much and look forward to every good report.

Patrick and Lorri

Anonymous said...

Robin & George,

As I read the blog about the fall the thing that came to mind is, George your are following Jesus's every footstep. Remember he also fell with the cross 3 times and God sent him someone(like Robin) to help him up and continue on His journey. My thoughts and prayers are always with yall and again I send out the offer, if there is anything I can do to help please let me know(even if it's shoveling rabbit poop!).

Love yall,

Paul S.

Sonja said...

When WE are weak, HE is STRONG in us!!!! Do not cast away your confidence!
Just know you have "A MULTITUDE" of Saints praying...We know the Lord hears!
Your friends Robin are ONE phone call away if you need prayer, or whatever! PLEASE call in those times.

We love you guys!

The Howells