Saturday, September 08, 2007


George had some family from Alabama drive down to see him today. I know he was blessed by that. The last few weeks have been hard but in my heart I know what the Lord has spoken. His promise is as real to me today as it was months ago.

As I was talking to a friend the other day at school we were discussing Abraham having to stand on the promise of the Lord. I said you know Abraham was told to take the promise to the altar of sacrifice. She said can you imagine having to put your child on the altar, I said that would be hard but not only was Abraham putting his son on the altar, he was putting the PROMISE on the altar. Being so convinced of God's promise he was willing to sacrifice Isaac saying that God could raise him up after. WOW!!! Do we even have a glimose of that level of relationship with God? Because that is what it is about...RELATIONSHIP.

Revive the promise the Lord has spoken to your heart. It doesn't matter how long ago it was. If you are convinced you heard from the Lord it is time to stand being convinced that even though it may die, God can breath life back into it. The delay of God's promises is so multi-facated. He could be trying to work something deep in our lives, build some character, see if we are willing to stand up against adversity. The promise may be delayed because the season for the promise has not yet come, other people may have to take certain places or become involved. Only God knows why the promise may tarry. But I can tell you this in God's plan the promise is RIGHT ON TIME. Don't grow weary, don't become frustrated....That may push it back even further. Rejoice in your Father, love on your Lord, enjoy your time of life given to you to advance the Kingdom of God.

I love y'all


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Robin and George,
We STAND in faith with you.... to God be the glory. Mercy and grace be with you both.
Love in Christ Jesus,