Friday, September 07, 2007


Here is the word the Lord spoke to me at a church in Houston in Feb. 2006

“My Word is true and it is trustworthy. As you stand on it you will not
be denied the truth of it. As Jesus spoke words and My prophets spoke
words, they were words given to live throughout the ages and stand the
test of time and be found rock solid and true."

I know that many of you are very busy. But I tell you what, I went back and was reading some of the posts from Feb.2006 and I was encouraged and blessed. We forget sometimes the little things that the Lord may have shared with us and how great it is to have that in writing and all of your comments. God message to us since the beginning has been consistent and we continue to stand on the word He has given us. If you have time go back and read and be blessed. I will be putting the scriptures up later.



Anonymous said...

Robin...I watched something recently and thought of you. It's on website of archives...august 16 ( I think) with Don Piper(author of 90 Minutes in Heaven)and 3 other amazing testimonies. It gave me a whole new perspective on things.Hope it encourages you as well.
Ya'll are always on our minds and in our prayers...give my precious brother a hug from the Icenogles...

Anonymous said...

Robin, Wow! All glory & praise to our Father!!! More from the song that was ministering to me this morning.... "The Word is ALIVE and it cuts like a sword through the darkness, with a message of LIFE to the hopeless and afraid, BREATHING LIFE into ALL who believe - the Word is ALIVE, and the world and its glories will fade, but HIS truth (HIS TRUTH!!!!), it WILL NOT pass away - IT remains yesterday and forever the same. His Word is ALIVE.

George, we are praying and STANDING for you and Robin, Lauren & Bryan.

We love you!
Andrea & Paul