Friday, October 12, 2007


This was something George wrote on Monday March 3, 1997:

I have a destiny---that is farther reaching than my own self. I have a destiny that goes beyond my own greed, my own lust, my own wants and my own desires, my own passions. I have a destiny-- that's bigger than racism and bigotry and hate. It is bigger than pride and position, possession, and income and all of those physical and social trappings, we cling to so desperately. Hang on, oh my soul to the one who guides you, the one who made you, to the one who called you. I have a destiny that is not bound by political rule and governmental boundaries or corporate ownership. Even health--good or bad--cannot prevent my destiny. I want my destiny, I need my destiny. I crave my destiny. I have to fulfill my destiny! It is calling to me--I am racing to my destiny--I can see it dimly in the dawn--my heart pounds, my body struggles, my muscles burn and ask for rest-- but I cannot stop nor even slow down, for I must apprehend my destiny. As thirst screams for quenching--my very being thirsts for my destiny--fatigue cannot stop or dissuade me from my destiny. Depression? move to the left, anxiety? move to the right, for my destiny I have in sight. I command inspiration to come and lift me toward my goal. I command passion to come and fuel the long drive towards my destiny. I command persistence to come and assist me in the pursuit of my destiny. I come against any bondage that would prevent the attainment of my destiny--any of the "petty" frivolities that would entangle and hamper the attainment of my most ultimate desire. As minutes turn into hours and hours into days, weeks, months, and years, I seek my destiny. I will not be relegated to the archives of history. Futility, I damn you ---you are a facade. HA!HA! You are uncovered for what you really are! Nothing! Nothing but a deceptive mirage of sorts put in my path by who knows who, to distract me from my destiny. Yes, my love, I will one day embrace you as a child its mother, I am coming for you and no other only you, oh lover of my soul. I hear your whispers in the night, your call in my soul. I see a glimpse of you in the dawn-but only from within the cleft of this rock--when can I come out and gaze fully into your face? Ah yes. I know I must be patient, but please, don't ever let me go, for life itself has no meaning at all, apart from YOU-- may I dream of you every night, and every day let me keep you within my sight. Above and beyond every single thing in life, I must attain my destiny and nothing can stop me, for it is MY DESTINY.

Enough said,


Will said...

Wow! So cool! Go ahead George!

agardana said...

WOW indeed. I don't thing anyone who reads this will not say WOW! How comforting to you, Robin, it must be knowing that there is no doubt that George is now and has always been in God'd hand, fulfilling his destiny.


Sonja said...

Ditto to the Wow! What focus. He truly did have his eyes on the eternal.
I remind you once again of the prophecy of these words and now as I read them again I understand them.

"I have delayed this healing for MY purpose say's the Lord.
You only need to be still and watch how MY power and glory will go forth.
In due season you will see. I will comfort you says the Lord. I will comfort your pain.
Be still. My hope is with you, My promises are with you.
Grieve for those who don't know me, for those who die not knowing me.
Lament for the souls who don't know me and are dying daily.
Cry out for their salvation. Cry out for their deliverance.
Your healing will come under my circumstances. Not under mans ways but mine says the Lord.
In time you will understand the purpose of your DESTINY, the person I knit in the "secret place".
My arm is not too short for you! Now arise, be strong and wait on My power to heal!
I am coming says the Lord.
I am coming to you.
Take courage, be of good cheer child of mine.
Your Master
Your Maker
Your Heavenly Father.

It all makes sence to me now. George's healing has come and he is IN his destiny...he has left us here with much to do and fulfill and Robin, I believe he is amongst us "helping us, directing us". The Lord's anointing has come. George's life is unfolding yet still IN our own lives...
Many can't explain why changes are occurring but "Something bigger than us IS going on" is not with carnal eyes but ETERNAL spiritual eyes that we can indeed see and discern it! Wow! George is indeed "beholding HIS destiny!"

Thank you Robin for blessing us continually with this blog and through the writings reminding us of "eternal matters", "kingdom purposes" and one day beholding our own TRUE DESTINY! I am full today!!!!


Anonymous said...

God is amazing. George continues to fulfill his destiny...and continues to touch lives even after his passing from death to life in ways he never imagined.
That doesn't minimize the loss you and the children feel though,Robin.
Lifting ya'll up everyday...
We love you...You know we're right around the corner.
Cathy and Bill