Sunday, November 11, 2007

home again...

We are home after an awesome weekend in Kentucky. The kids and I left Thurs. and drove to Natalie's in Tuscaloosa stayed the night and then we all finished the drive to Owensboro, Kentucky for Oliver's wedding. Oliver is my nephew, George's brothers oldest son. It was a beautiful wedding and we were blessed to be with family. We drove 12 hours straight back. WOW I have never done that before. We listened to CD's all the way home. We made it through 10 1/2 CDs.

God was faithful in watching out for us as always. We serve a big God who is able to keep those things that we trust to Him.

One more week of school and then Thanksgiving Holidays. YEHA!!!!



Kayla said...

Welcome back! We missed you! But so glad that you all were able to get away and that you had a good time! Rest up! Enjoy your week! We love you! Kayla

Zechariah said...

yay for one more week of school!