Thursday, November 15, 2007

ball games...

Lauren's team won their game Tues. Starting tonight she will be playing 7 days straight, two tournaments back to back. As we stay busy with sports we still take the time to love on each other, reminisce about George, and allow the Lord to keep us comforted. Pastor's sermon was so good last night and the presence of the Lord was so rich. I am here to tell you that the Lord can be experienced in a very real way. His comfort at times is tangible and His peace is like a blanket. Thank you all for your continued prayers and know that I am also praying for you. There are many needs in our body at Hosanna and we are a family lifting each other up.



Sonja said...

Yes! I agree with you Robin about last night! The sermon was one that will stick with me! In fact I will write a little in my blog about it too.
I senced the Lord really covering you last night with His love and I smiled at the sight. George's vessel was not in vain and he had a specific anointing on it called "PURITY" my eyes and many others...he represented the Lord's PURITY...he loved unselfishly, gave willingly no matter who you were, and went the extra mile! I miss his brotherly ways and smile.
By the way...You look GREAT!! I don't know, just have a peace coming from you that is obvious!

Much love to you and the kids...

Sonja H.

Anonymous said...

Go Lauren praying your team will be the champions. Robin I was thinking about George this week went to the blog and enlarged his picture. I just sat there and stare missing him. I miss reading his encouraging words and finding out what the Lord is up to. I do enjoy reading from you but I just really miss George right now. We talking about George in our meeting at discovery last night and Michelle Bunch remembered a word he wrote about unity. He will remain in all of our hearts until the day we see him again sitting by Jesus saying what took you so long. Can you see him saying that? Too funny. Well just to let you know that I do enjoy reading your blog and continuing it to live on. Love you Gayle

Anonymous said...

I can't even remember how I found this blog...but it has blessed me over the last year. Your heritage of faith is so AWESOME. I hadn't checked in in a while and when I did I was sad to hear of George's passing and yet I know he is unbelievably filled with joy and has heard "well done my good and FAITHFUL servant. I pray that the Lord will be your Bridegroom and your Comfort as you approach each new day. Thank you for continuing this wonderful Secret Place!
Julie Bosket