Sunday, January 06, 2008

Kansas City....IHOP

We had an incredible time in KC at the International House of Prayer Worship Conference. The kids and I went with several people from church and had a great time with them and with the Lord. We had four days of services and time to go to the prayer room. The Lord spoke to me in the neatest way. In my heart He said, "Are you willing to sit in the quiet--No music, No praying, just listening and waiting. I will speak to you in that place, you will hear My heart and understand My ways. At first you may feel uncomfortable because you are so use to the noise, I want to teach you how to hear my voice. So be quiet, be quiet."

So I went to the hotel room and sat quiet before the Lord. The question came, "How do you know you are hearing My voice?" And as soon as the question came the Holy Spirit gave me the answer. Because your sheep know your voice. So I can be confident I can and am hearing from you. At which point, I felt Him saying,

"George fulfilled his destiny and purpose and has now entered into the rest and joy of the Lord. Your mission now is to live out, speak out, and write out his message of love and peace. I will show you every step of the way,. I will give you messages on death, faith, real vision, reality vision. I desire the body of Christ to see what I see and to hear what I hear. All are not prepared to handle what I see and hear. Although they cry out for it in their songs, few ever take the time to be quiet and hear what I am saying. What I am saying is KNOW Me. KNOW Me. From the place of KNOWING Me, ministry will flow. All things will flow. When Jesus said seek first the kingdom and His righteousness and all else will be added that is what He meant. Seek to know the King of the kingdom and His right ways of doing things then the things you spend so much time longing for will be added to you. Robin, it is not complicated. Just make time for Me. In that place, of you making time for Me I will show you, it will be clear. Only enough light for the next step because I don't want you to get ahead of Me."

Well that was awesome. The Lord and I had the best time. It is great when God desires you to realize how real and precious our relationship is with Him. It is viable, it is alive and He is desiring to move us, show us and use us.

If all that was not enough the last night I had a dream. In the dream George was pregnant. I know that sounds strange but that was the dream. We were excited about a baby although we didn't understand how it happened. I could see the baby moving around in his stomach, I could see the outline of it's little foot. It was so real. The next morning as I was explaining the dream to Cathy, Kayla, and Mary the Lord dropped this in my heart, "There was something alive in George, that will live on." WOW!!! Lord show me those things that were alive in George that you desire to live on. His writings, his passion for Jesus, his passion for life, his love for people.

It is my heartfelt desire to make sure those things alive in George will live on. I can't wait to see how God intends to bring all of this about. I do know one thing it all starts with love. Unconditional, poured out love that is not selfish or self-seeking.



Tonja said...

words fail me...this is incredible!

Anonymous said...

I stand amazed! In the secret, in the quiet place, that is where HE longs for us to be. Wow! an amazing dream about George and YOUR future. Call me sometimes and let me know about your IHOP experience. 2008 is going to be the year of opportunity, doors and windows will open for you, and the way you started your year will pave the way for what is to come! Love you much, Kim

fiery_worshipper said...

Onething was definately a life changing experience, it was different then any other one Ive been to, sometimes when we go to functions like Onething we come back on fire for God, and then we start to go back into our old ways, but I feel like its increasing more than it is going away.

Wow that is really kool! Isnt it the best feeling when the Lord gives you revelation! I love it!

Love you guys!

We all need to hang out and jam again!

Max :)

Ruth said...

All I can say is WOW! What awesome words the Lord has for you. Incredible.

Ruth Burton

Kayla said...

Awesome to have this in print. Thanks for sharing. Wasn't it a blast? Wasn't His presence so sweet? Great memories I'll never forget. By the way- I've posted several pics of us at the conference on my blog and gave my mini take on it. I hope to go through my notes and share some of what we heard. Rich, rich stuff. But I think some of our conversations were as rich as any of the sermons! Miss you guys!!! :^D I felt sad to see ya'll heading down the driveway when you dropped us off.. sniff...

Anonymous said...

The word you shared with us is incredible. I know that the Lord desires for us to come in a quiet secret place with Him so we can hear His voice. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. Love you Gayle P. S. Don't wait so long to share you know I still check the blog everyday. Kayla if you read this send your email address through this blog so we can read as well. Thanks Gayle

Kayla said...

Hey Gayle, I thought you could get to my blog by clicking on my name... but I'm not sure, if not, here's the address. It's and my email address is God bless!!! :^D

Anonymous said...


This blog works for me and all people who have suffered death. The hope for our heavenly father leads us to a peaceful place.

May 2008 be great and peaceful!

Your Friend,


Sonja said...

I am encouraged by this Robin, thank you for sharing...
I guess the "revelation indeed is waiting for it's fullness!"
Even in the desert one can truly drink of this revelations!
Dry bones are coming to Life! It will be as Ezekiel, we just have to believe WE can speak His words in order for it to happen. He desires to USE us when we are spending time with Him for renewal.
I appreciate you!


Anonymous said...

This is incredible... yet His requirements in this message are so simple. Thank you for sharing, it is very encouraging to hear. Love you bunches, Andrea

Joyce said...

Sounds as if the Lord REALLY ministered to you all in a big way. LOVED the "dream" and it's interpretation. It made total sense to me.
I am glad you were able to go away and have a awesome experience like that. It's refreshing to do such things.
Be blessed,
Joyce M.

Bev said...

I love what the Lord said about George fulfilling his destiny. Something that we knew but when God says it...whew!! And George pregnant...couldn't you just hear him with that one! But so true. I'm still chewing on the last several months of George's life and all that God showed us. What George birthed certainly does live! And we need to be diligent to make sure that it grows and matures! We love you.