Thursday, January 10, 2008

back to b-ball

Lauren had her first district basketball game Tuesday night. It was great, they went into overtime and at the buzzer Lauren made the winning basket. She was all smiles. Wednesday night she sang backup with the worship team in church. It was great. That really seems to be something God is calling her to do. She has also written many songs and she sings them to me all the time. They are really good, you all will have to hear them sometime.

It was tiresome getting back into the swing of things. School is going full force. I know the time from now till graduation is going to fly. So I am trying to hang on and enjoy every moment.

More later it is late,


Anonymous said...

I agreed times fly by fast and you really do need to cherish every moment you have with your daughter before graduation. Tell Lauren we all need to hear her songs. Make a CD girlfriend. Love you all Gayle Oh by the way tell Bryan that the batting cage is almost complete. Hooray. Maybe he can come over one Sunday afternoon and practice with Jacob once it is completed. Let me know. Love you Gayle

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your friendship Robin, I just wanted you to know that. Thank you for being extra transparent in what the Lord is doing and in this time of walking "one day at a time", the Lord is good to show us each the true meaning and value He puts on a soul!

Your friend and intercessor on asignment!