Thursday, January 31, 2008

live life now...

I have been encouraged, by a friend to live in the now. WOW!!! What great advice. It reminded me of a sermon pastor preached recently about always looking to the future and missing what God is doing now. What is God doing now? Stop trying to figure out what the future may hold and live the moment. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and now. Today holds much promise and the things God has designed for us today will help in forming the future. Isn't it great to know that our Lord and Savior, holds it all in His hands. My comfort comes from knowing the God sees it all and knows the way for me. I don't want to miss sweet opportunities to minister God's love to people because my sights and heart are fixed on the future. Live today and enjoy the moment and seek to realize God's design for you today.

I love each of you and am so thankful for you keeping up with what is going on in our lives. Be blessed.



Kayla said...

That's so true Robin... Live in the now! That's not natural for me... But I was recently reminising with a friend remembering how many times in our lives, the Lord led us and brought us through situations. From the perspective of time, I can see how worried I was then, how much I would fret about the future and His direction. Yet the Lord always led us. I look back and see now how He protected us from so much by leading us as He did. But at the time, I wasn't at all confident in His leadership. I couldn't see then because I was IN the situation and lacked faith and perspective. It was an encouragment for me to look back because it gave me faith TODAY for the things in our lives that are uncertain now and have caused me worry... But God, from His vantage point sees the end from the beginning. He knows RIGHT where we are and where He's leading us. Just like He brought us through then... He will bring us through our current situations.. He hasn't changed or stopped. He wants to lead us more than we want to be led! So if we want to be led- we WILL BE. So we can relax and just live life now... today! There's so much here, now we don't want to miss by looking ahead. He's already taken care of what's ahead. Thank God! I've encouraged myself! Thank you for the reminder.. Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

Wishing a Happy 17th Birthday to Lauren Elizabeth..."crowned one...set apart and consecrated to God...a promise of God"
What awesome plans the Lord has for you,Lauren...You are crowned,set apart with a High standard...Continue to wait for His direction for your will be worth the wait.
Bless you today,dear...You are a beautiful young lady...inside and out!
Happy Birthday!
Miss Cathy and Mr. Bill

Sonja said...

I missed your birthday Lauren so here is a BIG HAPPY,HAPPY,HAPPY one to you from the Howell are beautiful in every way and your future is bright so keep reaching HIGH sister and the Lord will hear your utmost secret desires and prayers!!!!
Robin, the word you wrote is soooo true. LIVE FOR THE NOW! I love that and need to be reminded everyday to TRUST the Lord for the things I don't see! Remember Rhonda Normand?? I was watching a video of her praising the Lord with all her might and heart...little did she know she was about to meet the Lord and be home with Him forever! Our tomorrow's are defenately not guaranteed to us...Today is the day! This IS the day, let us REJOICE and BE Glad in Him Saints!!!!!!!