Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Driver's License...

Well Lauren turned 17 on the 4th. It was fun. She had practice that morning and then we spent 4 hours at the DMV. She has been driving me around town ever since. She is doing a great job. I am working on staying calm and not freaking out that my baby is now driving. Granny and PawPaw came in for a visit and we had some good time. They came to see Lauren's last home game last night. They lost but it was a good game. The girls have secured 2nd place in district so we will be playing in a playoff game at some point.

Our Lord is so gracious and faithful. Continue to put your trust in Him. He wants to shelter you and keep you in the midst of the good times and the bad. Stay close to Him don't wander from His side. Pastor's sermon Sunday was so good about being taught by God. We are constantly being taught if we will take the time to examine our lives and situations and relationships and see what God is doing. Never stay the same always desire change.


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