Saturday, January 19, 2008

my prayer...

It has come to my attention through many friends that people have found this blog that do not know me and have never met George. It is my prayer and was George's that this blog communicate to you the awesomeness of our GOD. Together George and I along with the incredible body of Christ walked through the valley of the shadow of death. I can truly say one thing for sure, when the Body of Christ operates as it should (and you did and are) there is not only many prayers prayed but there is such a sense of knowing that all is well.

God has continued to show me things and even tonight I wanted to make sure to communicate some things He has recently shown me about death. We as Christians have unfortunately adopted the worlds view of death. Some of us see it as finality, and place where there is much regret and missed opportunities. I tell you the Lord has shown me some different things. Death is the door ALL must walk through, until Jesus comes back and establishes His kingdom. When Jesus bought back the KEYS to death, hell and the grave, and said "O, death where is your sting." HE wasn't stating that because of Him we wouldn't die physically but oh yeah there is now no longer, for the believer the sting of death that keeps you eternally separated from GOD. That is more than good news. We can actually believe that on the other side of death's door is truly life, the original intention of life. It is life fuller than anything we know and comprehend here. Friend that should excite us about the passing from this life.

Please don't get me wrong, I know the enemy is out to kill, steal and destroy. And as believers we are to resist him at every turn. But I have come to realize that we don't LOSE our loved ones to death. When a loved one dies they gain. Death for the believer is not defeat it is the ULTIMATE victory. They are now actually LIVING the LIFE that Jesus paid so high a price for. Isn't that exciting.

I pray that through this blog you will come to know and understand the awesomeness of God. That you would realize the truth about eternity and come to know that George and I were seen through to victory because of Jesus. You must submit your life to Him to walk in that grace. It is powerful. I pray that you realize that GOD'S ways are JUST even though we may not understand them. Lift your eyes to the greater purpose for things in your life. Lift your eyes above your circumstances, lift your eyes and gaze in Jesus' face. When you do, things begin to take on a totally different perspective.

I love you all, even those of you who are directed to this blog or stumble upon it. You are not here by mistake, reading this message by mistake. Get a Bible if you do not have one and open its pages and ask God to reveal himself to you like He did to George. George came to know Jesus as his FRIEND.

Be blessed my friends and let's all live for the greater purpose.


fiery_worshipper said...

Hey Mrs. Robin! :)
Thats really good, Ive never really looked at it from that view point, thankyou for being sensitve to the prompting of the Holy spirit!

You and your family are a blessing to my life and so many others!

God Bless!

Max :)

Anonymous said...

That word was awesome. Your message yesterday to the church was powerful and I can see that it was truly the Lord all over you. I am asking you today to pray for my boss. She lost her son Saturday after along battle of cancer. He died at MD Anderson. I am not sure of her walk with the Lord but as you spoke yesterday she came to my mind. How will she handle the death of her son? Thanks Gayle

Judith said...

Hey Robin,

Much love and peace to you!
As having many loved ones on the "other side", God has shown me that death is not the end. I remember having such an expectancy for my grandmother when she was in her last days on earth. I had such a strong feeling that she was preparing for a trip. I came to understand why we call those who have died - the departed! They have left this world for another!!

The word says that the death of a saint is precious to God. God also "numbers" our days - I believe those days have a last number on the earth, but that the counting keeps going into eternity. I believe that our life in eternity is purposeful. I trust that George is enjoying whatever the Lord has him doing!
I think of you often.
Love ya,