Tuesday, January 15, 2008

God is God...

Our God is God and there is no other. Church Sunday was great as usual. The Lord kept asking me do you trust me? Yes Lord I would respond and the question would come again do you trust me? Yes Lord I would respond and again this happened like five times then I felt Him say then just obey me and wait. O.K. Lord. You said you would give me light for each step so I will obey what I know to do now, knowing that when I need more light You will shine it. We cannot allow our faith to be rocked we must stand firm in the midst of things we do not understand knowing that God has all things in control. This life is to be cherished , yes and received as the gift that it is, but we must also realize that at anytime God asks us to lay it down it must not have such a hold on us that we can't look beyond the temporal into the face of eternity. Missionaries on foreign lands may face this consequence on a daily basis, however we must realize that greater love has no man than he lay his life down for a friend. This is not just in the form of dying, it could be your time, it could be letting something you love to do go, in order to do something you need to do for the Kingdom. May the Lord allow us to hold on to the things of this life very loosely so that if we are called upon to release them the struggle won't be so difficult. Deal now so you can be obedient later without hesitation.

The Lord our God is our Provider and just like He made provision for Abraham when the Lord said give up Isaac (the promise), He will continually make provision when He moves upon us to do things for the Kingdom. But the decision must be made to give up Isaac (the promise). Be blessed.



Anonymous said...

Thank you once again,Robin, for sharing so openly with us...it hit me right in the heart.
I love you,friend...

Sonja said...

I am sure that until you are in that position you truly don't know what it is like to "give someone up" but your words ring faithful and true...with all the reports lately on cancer it makes me wonder if the opposite is getting ready to be displayed too, miracles! The more we cry out to the Lord for this display to occur the more I believe He will perform His word, timing obviously is crucial.
So, sister thank you for showing us all to STAND in the midst, to trust the Lord for each step we take...truly, in many ways you inspire me.

I love you friend.