Thursday, March 06, 2008

God is good...

I woke up Tuesday knowing that God was with me and loved me. IT was an awesome sense of His presence in my life. I continue to look to Him to lead me. I feel the waters stirring and God leading. Our Father's promise to never leave us or forsake us is so real. His love and assurance and word are critical in our lives if we are to make it through situations we find ourselves in. God reminded me of the words he gave me to stand on while believing for George's healing. He asked me, "Do you think those words have no relevance to your life now?" At that point I realized that the words the Lord shared with me during those times are words I am still to stand on for my life. God's word is true and we must believe that. However, when destiny and purpose stand with God's word His purposes will always be fulfilled. George fulfilled his purpose, his life was full of destiny and God used Him throughout his life and even through his death to minister hope, love and confidence to people.

I place my hand in the Hand of the Father and know that in this life there will be tribulations, but God is with us. That is real, it is not a bible story or some fairytale. As C.J. said at church Sunday you must reckon for yourself that you TRUST in JESUS. Not just what Jesus can do for you, not knowing about him but knowing that you trust in HIM. Be blessed my friends.

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Sonja said...

Be encouraged Robin. I had a moment this week thinking of George and the good friend he had been to many...I also miss my friend Ida Lee very much and remember the times she loved me when most would not have! It is people like that who seem to make such impressions on our hearts and are missed dearly here on earth.
Read Isaiah has been water to my soul lately, maybe it will minister Life to you too! The Lord's word does not return void and He will perform it and set out to accomplish what it say's! Your future is bright sister!
Praying for you always (really!) and love you!

sonja h.