Tuesday, April 01, 2008

wow graduation is on the way...

I can't believe this, but graduation is coming like a freight train. Lauren is soon going to be going on to another phase of life. That thought gives me a reality check. As much as we may try, we cannot slow down life. All we can do is purpose in our hearts to make awesome memories with the ones we love. Enjoy the days we are given and make the best of all trials and triumphs. Allow those things to make us the people that God wants us to become. The Lord has laid down the challenge to us all to rejoice in all of our situations. The good, the bad, and the absolutely mundane still require our rejoicing. And guess what, it is all worth our rejoicing. When things are good, rejoice because they are good and enjoyable. When things are bad, rejoice because God is purposing to add something to your character and He is building hope in you. When things are mundane, rejoice because in the simplicity of life we learn that God is still with us and will never leave us or forsake us. Washing clothes, cooking supper, changing the oil, etc. doesn't mean that we are out of the presence of God. Freedom comes in the realization that those activities are actually times to purpose to be in prayer because they are usually mindless activities that don't require much thinking anyway. I love you all and am again so thankful for your goodness to me and mine. Rejoice, it is a choice. RW


Anonymous said...

Hello Robin,
Graduation is a new step in life for your beautiful daughter. There are phases in life we all go through and this is a new one for Lauren. She is a beautiful young girl with a heart after God. Be proud sister of the work that both you and George have accomplish in her life. She is beautiful on the inside and out. Now that we have gotten to know Bryan a little more through baseball he has a true heart of compassion for people. See you tonight. You faithful blog reader Gayle

Anonymous said...

That is a great mini-sermon with a lot of wisdom. I’m taping it to the bathroom mirror!
Love ya,
Paul Ramsey

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl
What are you doing taking a break give me some meat to eat. Your faithful blog reader. Gayle