Wednesday, May 07, 2008

another birthday....

Yes today is my birthday. Not ashamed to say that I have made 43 years. Hard to believe since I don't feel 43. But nothing changes the facts. I am 43. It has been a glorious day. It started out early with my kids wishing me a happy birthday, then I went to my car and some friends had left me flowers, muffins and fresh fruit. I began the morning with tears in my eyes, feeling so full of blessings. The Lord is beyond good to us and the work He has done in me is miraculous. I will share soon some of the depths of the work that has been going on in my heart. You all are incredible friends whom I love dearly. I wish I could get with each of you and spend some quality time. Have an awesome day and as George would say, "Go to church and worship God." I love you all. RW


Sonja said...

Happy Birthday sister and friend in the Lord!!!!
Hope you got my singing message on your answering machine!
And, about that quality time...I will take it!!! Hopefully summer will be the key, however I know there is a time for everything under this sun!!!
Love to come swimming some times but you will have to invite!!!
Hope your day is FULL of love and the Joy of the Lord...for your birth was a glorious day and your destiny IN Him is everlasting!

love you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

The Stoufflets

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay Happy Birthday. Love you Gayle

Ammye said...

Was it Tommy Ray? Do you remember that?
Anyway, Happy, Happy Birthday!

The Maggio Family said...

Happy late birthday! Hope softball season is going well for you and Bryan is loving his baseball season. See ya soon.

Tonja said...

Happy (belated) Birthday!
You're a gift to so many, including myself. I pray the Lord continues to overwhelm you with Himself this year.
love you!