Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New York.....

Lauren is in New York on Senior Trip. She has seen a lot, been to a Broadway play, walked through Central Park and this morning they were on the Today Show. We have been watching American Idol and she and I both love Jason Castro. Well last week he was voted off the show and this morning he was on the Today Show. Well she got to take a picture with him. How cool is that? I can't wait to hear all of the stories she and her friends are going to have to tell.

Graduation is Friday night with a party on Saturday night and a family get together on Sunday. It will be an awfully busy weekend but one of much excitement. Carey, my nephew, is also graduating from Brother Martin. His graduation is the week after Lauren's so at least there are not too many scheduling conflicts. The beginning of this month has been very emotional. Bryan's birthday, my birthday, Mother's day, senior chapel and graduation coming has screamed at all of us about George's absence. We purpose in our hearts to enjoy this time because it is a time of celebration and we know that is the way George would expect it to be. Our year of firsts without George also includes some other monumental life moments like Bryan turning 13, Lauren and Carey graduating, and the birth of Michael's, our nephews, first child. God is so very gracious in these moments and His comfort is tangible at times. More later, RW


The Maggio Family said...

To hear of your heartbreak, breaks mine. You are more than a conqueror. God's grace is sufficient to meet all your needs. He will never give us mroe than we can bear. You are such a strong, awesome mom to those children.

Sonja said...

The Lord knew, the Lord will comfort, provide and give back so much fold to you and your family! I believe that!!! George will forever be etched in our hearts and yours, that is something...a gift I believe the Lord gives the ones left...until...we go home!!! Tonight Lauren your daddy is with you in spirit and he IS soooo proud of the young lady you have become and are continuing to become in Christ! Robin...embrace the wind of change and feel the KISS of the Lord's love for you as He strengthens you to continue running the race marked out for you! He see's and He will strengthen thine heart!!!!

sonja h.

Catherine said...


I saw a post on Classmates.com about George and I've read your/his blog about his journey. George was a dear friend in high school when I really needed good friends. I remember him as looking tough, but so sweet and kind. He took me to a few dances and was a complete gentleman. I was wondering if you'd be interested in having a few pictures of him from high school. I know I have them packed away somewhere.

I am not surprised to hear of his love and devotion to you and his children. I understood and appreciated that part of him even way back then. It's funny that he could never really pull off that tough guy image because once you got to know him, you knew differently. His beautiful soul was present even then just aching for expression. I am so happy he was blessed to know Love in full form in his lifetime.

Catherine Bunch (Catherine Berry in high school)