Saturday, June 14, 2008

Praise Him....

Pastor Don has been sharing lately about God equipping us with the weapon of praise. That is what we need to do, praise Him in the midst of our circumstances. In so doing we claim to God and every demon in ear shot, that no matter what the circumstances our GOD is GOD. We claim that He is bigger than our situation and that He alone can see us through. Also praise changes our perspective it allows us to remind ourselves who God is even when circumstances are trying to gain our full attention. I think the biggest thief of our praise is ingratitude. When we begin complaining, we are stating through our complaint that God is not able to handle our situation. We are stating that HIS ways are not the right ways. We may find ourselves in the midst of difficult situations for many reasons. Maybe we are in these situations because of choices on our own part or maybe God has allowed the trying of our faith, regardless we must purpose to allow life to work in us what God intends to be worked in us.

If we will cooperate with the Holy Spirit we will learn deep truths in the midst of great heartache and trials. Learning that praise must go forth no matter the circumstances, places us above the situation and able to see with God's perspective. We need God's vantage point. We need to see as He sees, we need the mind of Christ. So praise Him and watch yourself change in the midst of adversity. Praise Him and see God the way He needs to be seen in relation to this temporary life. Praise Him for He is eternal, unmovable, unshakable----HE is GOD. RW


Sonja said...

I am realizing more and more that praising Him does not always come from the outward expression of Joy...when we surrender to Him in our sorrows, joys, etc...the surrendering is giving Him praise in that "I TRUST YOU LORD" even when I don't quite see where you are leading me. Praising Him is reading His word and having the attitude of thankfulness for one more day we can breathe! Praising Him is in the quite of no words exchanged...just you and your Lord abiding quietly.
I would love for some one to do a whole seminar on the different expressions of PRAISE to Him.
Being comfortable to dance before Him in adoration of His goodness is one I want more freedom in...I have always admired that about you Robin.
Thank you for your sincerity and for this continues to remind me of the Lord's goodness and mercy in your lives!

sonja h.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Robin how I needed those words today from the Holy Spirit. I wrote them to keep in my pocket. I will be sharing them at my workplace today. May your anointing ever grow. Rene Robinson Armatta BS, RCS, RVS in North Carolina