Sunday, July 20, 2008

back home....

The kids and I are back home after two glorious weeks in Colorado. There are simply no words that can express the beauty and majesty of the mountains in Colorado. I actually stood on top of the Continental Divide and looked 360 degrees and saw the most awesome snow capped mountains. There was such a sense of God's awesomeness in my heart as I looked over His creation. I stood spellbound knowing that what I was seeing doesn't even compare with the experience George is having in heaven. Seeing Jesus face to face, being able to understand the spirit realm, knowing and talking with the saints of old. What an incredible thought.

God is doing so much in my life. Sometimes I feel as though I am on a launching pad and the preparation is taking place but I have no idea where I am headed. As the summer comes quickly to a close I will soon begin the undertaking of publishing the blog, and finishing the other book George had started. Please pray that I stay very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. I don't want to miss even one whispher the Father is speaking. God is desiring to move in our midst in ways that we have only read about in the book of Acts and books written long ago about great revivals. It is time for the church to dare to actually believe what we read. I think as we stepped out and trusted God for George's healing and even his ressurection it was the first step in our coming to the place of anticipation of what God is wanting to do in and through us. God not answering that prayer has nothing to do with His inability or our lack of faith. Rememeber as the Lord laid on my heart that His reason for not moving in the midst of such great faith is because the greater purpose for the kingdom will be fulfilled through George's death. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that George showed us all how to live graciously and to die with faith trusting and believing God no matter what. I also believe that now that he is with Jesus we must purpose to let the Lord have His way in each of us. Let the power of the Holy Spirit move on our hearts and change us. We need each to purpose to ask God to demonstrate His love, agape love through us. Yes we need to reach out to the unlovable and the sinner, but we must also love our spouses with agape love, love our brothers and sisters in the Lord with agape love, and realize that agape love is sacrificial it does not ever seek its own. It is not about protecting itself, it is about giving and giving even when nothing is returned.

I love each of you. Thanks for keeping up with us and taking the time to read my thoughts. RW


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
That was an awesome word. Thanks for sharing this with us. I know that the Lord is doing a mighty work in your life. I want a copy of the book when it is publish. I cannot wait to read the life of George. How many people out there will be bless. I know that facing the unknown with my mom right now and waiting til Wednesday to find out the outcome all I can do is trust my Father for the outcome. If it is cancer again all I can do is trust the Lord. Pray, trust and believe. God is in control of our lives everyday and all we can do is seek Him for the anwers. Love you Gayle

Sonja said...

Yes Robin! That is it, the unconditional love of the Lord in our hearts. How He is teaching me that in this time and hour. Every day seems to bring on a choice. Do I rejoice in the bad news? Or do I praise the Lord anyways knowing He see's ALL and He will grant wisdom to the one who asks.
Funny, I just read the blog I wrote about George after he passed away...I believe the Lord was pleased with out amount of faith. We can all agree I am sure that we have all changed because of that faith.
I too, like you, do not know where I am headed, but, the light is for TODAY, so my steps will only be for today...until tomorrow.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts, for out of the testimony of one can we too be stirred to PRESS in to the Lord.
My prayers are with you as you hear the Lord on writing this book...I am excited and anticipate the LOVE story between a man and His God...


Sonja said...

sorry, messed up a little on the comment...what I meant was when bad news comes do I complain? or do I rejoice in the Lord knowing He knows all! It's a choice.
He was rejoicing at our faith concerning day that kind of faith and more will be required! I believe that.


The Maggio Family said...

Hey, I so enjoy reading your updates. What an awesome adventure you had. Its so relevant to where we are right now. Remember how I told you I felt I heard clearly not to re-register kids to school at HCA? Then....I got a letter in the mail that the magnet school was over-booked, so I thought...well, HCA is the place they'll go. I got over-anxious. God said, be patient. Today, I got word they are going to magnet school after all! He was the whole time testing to see if I was listening or if I was gonna do my own thing.