Thursday, July 24, 2008

God is great-God is good

Oh my word if we only understood what we are on the verge of church we would be on our faces. God so desires to manifest His presence in our midst and some seem to be content with things as usual. It is not time for things as usual, it is time to take the gloves off and get down to some spiritual warfare. Our weapons are not carnal but are mighty to the pulling down of strongholds and we must activate those weapons in these end times or we will merely watch the events from a distance. Oh Lord I do not want to watch from a distance I want to be in the heat of the battle seeing you do great and mighty things in and through me. Church let the cry of your heart be come Lord Jesus come. Do in us and through us that which will advance the kingdom. It is time to mobilize. For months the words in my heart from the Lord are, " DO WHAT YOU KNOW TO DO." We keep looking for greater revelation, and more words and God is asking us to get busy doing what He has already entrusted to our care. Let's not be like those who did nothing with their talents and just waited on their lords return, but let's be those working when He returns. Seeking Him is part of that work. Believing Him is part of that work. Extending the love of Jesus is part of that work. Be diligent to be on the cutting edge of what the Spirit is crying out to the BODY.

I love you all. RW

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Tonja said...

Amen!! Amen!! Amen!!!