Monday, July 28, 2008

Go God....

Yesterday was an awesome church service. The Lord is letting us know that He desires to be manifest before us. He desires for us to believe Him and hold nothing back. Corporately, He is wanting us to be convinced that in this life there is nothing else that matters but the Kingdom of God. Hosanna, we are on the brink of seeing a move of the Spirit like never before. Press in, don't lose heart, believe, take all the limits off of God. This needs to be our testimony, not only when we are speaking to each other, but while we are out doing our daily things. God is among men desiring to make Himself known. He is desiring to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, so let's dare to believe that this is true. Let's dare to step out and pray with those we come across in our daily lives and watch God move and people see the out stretched hand of God ministering through us. Lord we move through our daily lives with great anticipation of what you want to do in and through us. Make us sensitive to your voice and the move of your Spirit. We submit ourselves to you dying to our own expectations and desires and allowing Your expectations and desires to be made manifest in our lives. Lord move mightily through us as we believe you and put ACTION to our FAITH. RW

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Sonja said...

I agree Robin...we MUST begin to believe BIG. That is how dreams come true! If a person can not have a VISION than eventually they die inside. I and many others have VISION and DREAMS, the hard part is walking them out while the fruit is not quite evident..but just like a garden (George knew this well) you must tend to it time after time without seeing the fruit but eventually as fruit appears vaguely...our eyes move focus from the dirt to the small fruit approaching surface, in that our FAITH and waiting springs forth a NEW strength and encouragement to KEEP tending, KEEP watering, KEEP pulling the ugly roots around it! Soon, an abundance of harvest is VISIBLE...RIPE for salvation!
To the body of Christ I say...Start proclaming the promises of God! Every day, no matter what FOG you wake up in...Say "I PRAISE YOU LORD TODAY!"

Thank you Robin...for prayers, friendship and believing!

sonja h.