Friday, July 25, 2008


This is a pic of Lauren close to the Continental Divide. You can see tire tracks in the snow behind us that is where Randy got the 4-wheel drive Bronco stuck. Fortunately, 24 ATV riders showed up and helped push him out. It took us 3 hours to drive 13 miles but oh it was a lot of fun.


Sonja said...

Oh, how I miss the mountains and snow! My favorite type of season.
I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves as you deserved a good vacation.
Loved what you blogged before this...we have much to learn about LIFE, LOVE and this journey.
I sence the urgency to spend that time with the Lord like never before...I want to begin to POUR His love so much on a larger scale to where I see the lost coming in the Kingdom and chains broken! It is time to start sharing with boldness in LOVE the CROSS...we need to keep the CROSS and it's message before us all the time.
I am with you...
To any man reading this comment I would say RISE UP and stop buying the enemies lie! You are more than a conquerer and it is time NOW to take your spiritual weapon (the most powerful one being love) and start using it on the forces of darkness! You are the Lord's soldier...He will continue to equip you!
Sorry Robin...that came unexpectedly!

hope to see you tomorrow night at the reunion...

sonja h.

Kayla said...

Glad to see your face again after your vacation! What's your new email address? I need to get it.

Do you remember me telling you about that blog of a lady with cancer whose husband was keeping it going while she was sick like you did with George's? Well, she went to be with Jesus this past week. But the joy and pain that their family has as God's grace sustains them reminds me of you guys and your testimony. Anyway, if you want to check out that blog again it's: Love you and needing another road trip soon! :^) Kayla