Thursday, August 14, 2008

faith, hope, and love...

I watched the video of George the other night. He set up the camera and for over 40 minutes he read different scriptures to us. He skipped around the Bible reading out loud. It was great seeing him on the video. Much of what he read had to do with faith and love. The Lord began ministering to me as George was reading. If we settle the issues of faith and love hope will take care of itself. As we live expecting God to honor His word and being faithful to what He has promised and loving those around us then we will live with hope in our lives.

Lauren has gone with Becca, a friend of hers, to move her into her dorm in Cleveland, TN. She will be coming home with Becca's mom on Sunday. She is growing up and it is different working through the releasing her to go and do things without me. It's all part of the process and the passage of time.

I encourage you all to keep your heart open to God. There is constantly things He is trying to teach us. Our hearts need to be pliable in His hands. We need to be quick to obey and the Lord leads us. more later, RW


Anonymous said...

Hey Robin
Are you going to share the video with us? I would love to have a girls night out and watch this video of George unless it was meant for just you and your children. I think about him often like every Sunday when he is not sitting right their in the front. Then sometimes Pastor will glance up to the balcony and I think I know George's presence is still with us. I miss the old boy. Have a great weekend. Life is changing and the adjustment helps us grow. Love ya Gayle

Sonja said...

Ditto to Gayle request! I believe that video George made would speak to many!! Besides it's the word of the Lord and coming from him even sweeter!
You have so much to work with I am excited for you! How about putting the video on a CD and attatching it to the back of the book you right (in a sleeve) I've seen that done before with children would be an extra benefit to what he represented in Christ! Wow.
Jonah is adjusting to school and yes I have cried twice the second and third day when he asked me to drop him up at the front and NOT walk him is! What?? delayed reaction i guess...
thank you for keeping us up to date.

sonja h.

The Maggio Family said...

It is hard for me to read your blog sometimes as I think of your great loss---the loss of a spouse. i can't imagine it. I really cant. I know God's will is perfect--dont understand, but I do know that. I think of little Bryan and what a sweet boy he is---oh how I loved for him to hang with Dylon. I know he'll be such a great young man when he's grown and Lauren is going to be great at LSU.