Monday, August 11, 2008

school started.....,

Well today was the first day of school for Bryan. It was his first day of school in his life that didn't include Lauren and I being there. Real different for me to drop him off and not stick around. God has faithfully shown me some things about myself. It is not always nice seeing things about yourself that God wants to change. He wants to change my way of thinking and looking a things, people and situations. I have seemed to allow myself to be distracted in a couple of areas getting my mind and heart off of HIS purposes and set on my own. However, God in His gentle way can get our attention and redirect and focus us on what is ultimately important. It never fails when we get ourselves on our minds too much God has to get our attention and let us know it is NOT about us.

Today I have officially started the process of making this blog into a book. Please pray for God's direction and that I will have the mind of Christ in all that I do. I want to know what He wants.

I have had to surrender, resurrender, and surrender again. RW


Anonymous said...

Hello Robin,
Good word. Wanted to thank you yesterday for your phone call. Thank you for thinking of me at such a time as this. I am trusting the Lord in all that I do and teaming with discovery has helped me out alot. I am ready to read that book. love ya Gayle

FeatherIron said...

You look great! Love the blonde! Can't wait to read the book. God be with you. We do need to get together. Ammye is having a baby shower on the 23rd, yes, she is pregnant and having a girl. Could you go with me? Email me

Kayla said...

God's been showing me stuff too about myself... I've heard that lots from other Christian brothers and sisters. Its like, He's exposing and having us face the old baggage before we move into the next season. And Pastor's right on when he says, "Its a new day". I hear that everywhere I turn. And a new day requires that the old stuff that has even become a comfortable part of us be challenged and removed. Its so painful... but so good. I love you dear friend! God is going to bless this book. I cannot wait to get a hold of it. Are you going to put pictures in it? We'll be praying for you and this project...
Love, Kayla