Monday, August 25, 2008

hard to believe....

Yes, go ahead and let it be known, Robin has a daughter who is an LSU college student. I refuse to believe that I am old enough to have a child in college. How can it seem as though you just left campus and truly that was 20 years ago. Twenty years, you've got to be kiddin' me. Where has the time gone. I guess that is what happens while we are living life, ----time is passing. I think that is why the Bible tells us to redeem our time because the days are evil. I think part of redeeming our time is acknowledging that, like it or not it is continuing to pass and it will stop for no man. My gray hair is evidence of that.

God continues to amaze me with how He will give us divine appointments if we will keep our eyes open for them. I was in a furniture store with a friend of mine this weekend, and ended up in a conversation with the sales lady about George and the faith journey we have been on. It was awesome watching God come on the scene. She then expressed how she would have loved to have known George and how blessed she was that we came in the store yesterday. WOW God just do what you want to do. She gave us her cell phone and email address so we could stay in touch with her.

Keep the fire burning and let the trials in our lives prove God as faithful and then tell others about our awesome God and how He will see us through.



Sonja said...

Devine appointments seem to be the case for sure. I am like you...I can't believe Jonah is in kindergarden! Time has flown by. But when I pick him up and ask him "what did you learn in school today?" all he really ever says is Jesus mom...Wow.
Jesus has truly been on his mind a lot the way in San Antonio he said "mama I want Jesus in my heart" (out of the blue) and so i ceasing the moment explained the sinners prayer (in small talk) and so we said it together. At four years of age asking Jesus in his heart! Wow.
Anyways...a devine appointment today as I start car pool (a big step) I couldn't believe the open door... the woman I met and her story (an extreme example of the love and grace of the Lord) I realize the Lord had opened a door that I truly can't ignore (I will share more with you Saturday).
So yes, the devine appointments, the deep knowing of the hour...and like Jonah said Sunday morning in church at the alter "Jesus is coming", "Jesus is coming"...You missed it. I'll share that with you too! And more....

Can't wait.

love you


Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that our children are older. The kicker is this I am a grandma. Now what does that tell you sister. I came to realize the other day when Jacob decided to start riding the bus to school he is growing up. Now all this change at one time is just to much for me to handle. My baby wanting to ride the bus is just to much to handle. I enjoyed the morning with him even though it was stressful at times. But that was momma and son time. My mom, Jessica with only 8 months left in school, being a grandmother to Natalie and Jacob getting older whew that is alot to handle. God is so good and He is so gracious to us that through all the change my life is growing in the Lord. Discovery has just been an instrument for me to be used by the Lord. Thanks for your call the other day. Love ya Gayle