Friday, September 05, 2008

weathered the storm...

Well Gustav has come and gone but many are still feeling his affects. We have two big oak trees down. Thank God they did not fall on anything. We were without power for three days. We are so blessed because many are still without power and maybe without for weeks. A friend of mine, Scott, and I were talking about the spiritual hurricanes that blow through our lives and blow out a lot of debris. Then it is time for cleanup and new life to emerge. We need to take stock of what God wants us to clean out of our lives. What does the wind of His spirit want to blow out of our lives. What does He desire to change in our lives? I have gotten to the place of surrender again and again where I ask God to continue to have His way in me. If any one needs anything please let us know and I will see if I can get you some help. I love you all and thanks for keeping up with us. RW


Sonja said...

So glad you all were ok...tried to call several times but didn't get through but one time, hope you got the message.
Indeed this is a city in pieces...with much prayer and help we will be back up. Hopefully our hearts changed, less selfish and see how precious life really is.
We have electricity and a generator if you know anyone in need of washing clothes!
Loved what you wrote and Oh how true it is...I am challenged every day as my own attitudes are exposed.
Love you sister and appreciate the blog.
Say Hi to Scott for Wil and I.


Melissa said...

I'm glad you guys are okay! We had minimal damage to the house and had no power until yesterday. However, we were blessed that my brother-in-law had power Monday night. Take care!

Judith said...

Hey Robin,
Wish you could've joined us to visit when Barbara and Jerry were in town. You were missed. So glad to hear that all is ok with you after Gustav came to town. We fared ok too . . .Danny was offshore for the whole event, and he is docked in Corpus Christi presently . . I still know some people without power, including my son at his condo (so he's back at home). And by the way, my son is a college graduate and LeeAnna is a sr. at LSU! . . .so I totally relate to this deal about time flyyyyyyyyyyying by!!!!Take care . . .Judith

FeatherIron said...

Thinking of you today Robin, Saturday September 13th, I can't believe he's been gone a year. Gods peace and comfort be with you,the kids and the rest of the family on this day and every day. We love you all. Carole