Saturday, August 09, 2008


Here are a couple of pics of Lauren and I, one from prom the other from graduation. I am finally learning how to post pictures. We have been pretty busy trying to get ourselves ready for the new school year. Lauren and Bryan along with Nana's assitance have been rearranging their rooms. So the house is upside down but it will soon be coming together.
I am finding myself in constan surrender mode. Surrendering plans, surrendering emotions, surrendering it all. The process of dying to self is not easy, but quite necessary. I will start working on publishing the blog Monday. Compiling it all together and writing a synopsis of what was happening along the way. I can't wait to get going with this because I feel it is the calling to the Lord to get this done. I go into this next phase of life with mych anticipation of what God wants to do IN and through me.
Oh, while mom was cleaning out a drawer for Lauren to have the chest of drawers she found a video tape left behind by George. It was in the back of his underwear drawer, labeled GEORGE--HIMSELF 1/26/06. I have not watched it yet but will watch tonight. I am sure he will start by saying, "You have just now cleaned out my underwear drawer!!" Can't wait to hear from him. Lately, I have been missing him in a new way. Missing his insightful comments, missing his humor, missing his wisdom, missing the decisions he would be making.
More after church tomorrow, RW

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Sonja said...

Awesome picture of you two.
Can't wait to read the "book" was great to hug you Sunday morning. Love to see you worship unto the Lord in dance! You really have a gift in that.
I will be praying for you in the process of the book. Call if you need anything...Jonah started school today so I will have a little more time to do stuff.
love you.

sonja h.