Sunday, September 28, 2008

god is love.....

Well it has been one of the most beautiful weekends. We went to New Orleans to visit with Granny Patsy it was her birthday on the 25th. Aunt Eva and Aunt Ebby were in from Alabama so we got to visit with them also. We had a great time and ate an awesome breakfast on Saturday morning. We returned home and Bryan and I went to the LSU game and watched them beat Mississippi State. Not pretty but a win none the less. Church was great as usual, pastor preached the heart of God. We then went on a church picinic and enjoyed some great fellowship. After that we went to see FIREPROOF. What an awesome movie about the love of GOD. I highly recommend this movie to everyone. Take the time to support movies like this. If we do then more will be made. The same church that produced FACING THE GIANTS made this movie. Kirk Cameron, back from our days (Growing Pains) was the lead and this movie is well worth you seeing it. We are home now getting ready for school for tomorrow.

Looking to make some good progress on the book so this week will be very focused. Love y'all.

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Anonymous said...

what's the goal date for this book to be published?