Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Hey friends and family. The compiling of the book is coming along. I have written the forward and have all of the entries in WORD so I can begin editing. Be rest assured that the editing will be at a minimum. I will only correct misspelled words. It is my heart's desire to leave it as raw and original as possible. Please be praying for me and this whole process, I need divine appointments and the Lord to direct my steps. I am confident He will, I just want it covered in prayer.

Today would have been our 19th anniversary. I guess another year of dealing with these special days and his absence has begun. People always say that time has a way of healing pain, but I would like to say that only the Lord can help us grieve loss. I have realized oh so clearly that we have bought into the worlds idiology about death, loss and grief. There is pain involved but when we think on the death, when we think about the person who's gone on, our hearts can be filled with joy. Joy of the memories shared, joy because they have experienced a promotion, joy in telling all the old stories. If we purpose to, we can continually celebrate that person's life by enjoying what they brought into our lives for however long they were allowed to be here.

We all gained so much in knowing George. I ran into a someone who knew George through another friend of ours. He was unaware that George had been sick and that he had passed away. There was shock on his face and he had me repeat it several times. He said a mouthful at one point when he said, "You know, I had never met anyone like George before, He was a special guy." That is many peoples statements. But George would want us all to know that whatever good you saw in him, received from him, loved about him----It was Jesus in him.

Love, RW

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Sonja said...

Can't wait to read his words Robin...I know this must be a step of faith for you..."the revelation awaits an appointed time" that is what I keep hearing so that is what I will keep typing!!
Lately...heaven sounds closer, more sweeter, an anticipation of what is yet to come.
The plumline is being layed out for the body of Christ. He will not come for a church that compromises His word...indeed it gets personal/heart to heart with our Saviour...George knew about that one.
My prayers are with you in this book making and support.
Keep up the good race marked out for you...the Lord will honor your ways!

Sonja h.