Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Shack.....

I am reading a book called The Shack. Oh WOW it is a must read. This book is by far one of the most anointed books I have read in a long time. Only 200 some odd pages packed with life changing words. I highly recommend it.

I am continuing to edit the blog. It has become a process of healing and dealing. Healing by reading it now from a different perspective than I read it the first time, and dealing with the truth of the situation as God ordained it.

I am still in a place of embracing God' love for me and for others. I am telling you it is one of the most powerful concepts, to fully grasp within our limited fleshly ability, the intense unconditional LOVE of our almighty GOD. It is what He is all about. LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP!!!!! Don't miss out, there are things He wants to tell you and peace He wants to give you that only comes from KNOWING Him. Not a head knowledge but a heart to heart place where you lay yourself bear before Him.

We have had beautiful weather and I know George would have been blogging about it. Breathtakingly beautiful to say the least. I love you all. Thanks for taking the time to check out this blog and keep in touch. If you read this and I don't see you or talk to you very much please leave me a comment. I want to know you're out there. RW


Anonymous said...

from chilly kansas city...i check for a new post about once a week. always a revelation. blessings to you. stacey neely

Anonymous said...

I am still faithful in reading. Wish you would blog more. Who is the author of that book? I have heard about it and would love to get the book. Love ya Gayle

Anonymous said...

I just finished the Shack for the second time! It so spoke to me.
I saw the back of your head at church last night! Come have some coffee with me soon...miss you!

Sonja said...

With you spirit and in friendship!
Yes, George would LOVE this weather!
I have got to get the book...all in good season.


Cathy D said...

Still reading and praying for you. I loved The Shack, too! I'm living and working in Dallas now, so if you ever get out this way, look me up. May God continue to heal your heart - I know He is using you to minister to others. Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
Wanted you to know that I always pray for you when I see you from across the church. We really should move around more . .Also wanted you to know that I too read The Shack this summer. I read it right after a dear Christian friend of mine died by suicide. It has been a difficult grieving process. She died of mental illness and she was the most incredible woman. It was so difficult to see her deteriorate. We were like sisters for nearly 30 years. It is hard enough to lose a life friend.
Anyway, grief touches us and changes us. God is in it all and is faithful. We need to allow him to complete the work . . .
Be blessed,