Thursday, September 24, 2009

20 years.....

Yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary. It was a day of sweet reflection and memories. Good memories of times we shared throughout our lives together. Make a distinct effort to make memories with the ones you love. If you allow the busyness of life to consume you then there are few special memories to hang on to. Even in the midst of the mundane you can make memories.

Lauren is in the throws of school and Bryan is absolutely loving being in the band and meeting new friends. He has a Homecoming date and is making the adjustments to his new school. Please keep us all in prayer. I have started a jewelry business and it is going well. I have enjoyed success and am enjoying being with people and showing them this great jewelry. I have been substitute teaching this whole week. WOW I forgot what it was like to be in the classroom day in and day out. I do love the kids but oh how they can push your buttons.

I love each of you,


Anonymous said...

Hi,sweet Friend...
Enjoyed catching up with you in the church bathroom a few weeks back! I remember ya'll's anniversary was a few weeks before ours. We celebrate our 20th on Oct. 7. You're so right about not being too busy to make memories.
Still remembering my dream about George and made my day. You guys are daily in our prayers....We love ya'll!
ps...can't believe Bryan has a homecoming date! He's really growing up... Enjoyed visiting with him at Max's party

Anonymous said...


I have been thinking of George alot lately. He was a good man who loved the Lord, his wife, and kids. Sue and I pray you are well and wanted you to know I read the blog periodically and think of George, his life, and his example to me often. I know He is with the Lord and I pray he is wispering my name in the Lord's ear every now and then. I know he is constantly cheering you and the kids on. Thanks for continueing this blog. Doug Broussard