Saturday, February 18, 2006

Prayer request for George...

Please pray for me because I am experiencing a lot of overall swelling which started today. It does not appear to be life-threatening, but it is a complication.

Thank you. We'll be talking to y'all later...



Anonymous said...

Hi George and Robin,
Sorry that you have swelling and pain. :<( I pray in Jesus Name that you will recover from this very soon and that the Lord will give the Dr.'s wisdom concerning this. Maybe it was all those laps around the nurse's desk. :>) You may need to just go up and down the hall for now. We'll be standing with you in prayer that's for sure.
It's been raining here and is suppose to rain tomorrow. The temperature has dropped and it seems like winter instead of spring. It's kind of dreary. Hopefully the weather is better in Houston. :>)
Don said he wasn't able to talk to you earlier but would call back. I'll ask him when he gets home if he did get to talk to you. I think we'll take turns calling so you won't get so many phone calls.
Please give our regards to Patsy, Mike, Aunt Eva, Gladys & Bob. I'm so happy that we got to know your family. They are precious. :>)

Anonymous said...

Stand firm-knowing that God is in control. Continue praising Him for the things unseen and/or not felt. We serve an awesome God.