Saturday, March 11, 2006

Beautiful weather ..

I have to blame the weather and my family for my lack of blogging lately. It has been like medicine to see my Alabama family. We cannot seem to see each other enough and when we do it is too short.
We have a basketball game in a few minutes and we have to pass by the 'goat man's' house. So I will write some more later on today. GBW.


Anonymous said...

Are you ready to enter His gates with thanksgiving? Are you ready for the "suddenly" from the Spirit? See you in service tomarrow! Great things await you! The Lord has a plan and it is ALL good!!!!

done said...

I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers and I'm glad you are able to get out. Take care, Elisa:)

Gary Noel said...

I just had lunch with Russ Marino. He told me about your blogsite.

This is for your encouragment. I was also 41 when I came down with Melanoma. After 1st surgery it had moved into lymph nodes. Doctors did not give me a good report. But the report of the Lord was this" You are healed, my son !"

I did not want to take Chemo because I had God's personal report. Also the chemo they were using had no statistical effect after 2 years. However,
I still had to go through Chemo - God showed me this through Hezekiahs battle with a deadly skin disease. Hezekiah was given more time , but he had to apply a poultice. I had to also.

It has been 6 years , and the original cancer has not returned ! God used the time of surgeries and chemo to bring me closer to Him than I could have ever done on my own ! Praise God ! Do not believe the report of the doctors, but the report of the Lord!

God called my wife to pray for a non believer who had pancreatic cancer stage 4. Doctors lost hope for him. However, he was healed, praise God ! Doctors will tell us that pancreatic cancer is a tough cancer to have- but our God is more powerful than PC!

Continue being a light for those who need you !!

Blessings, GARY