Monday, March 13, 2006

Monday !

Another Monday, another choice. Choose this day the one you will serve, the one you will listen to, the one you will rely on. I choose to rely on the One (Lord) cause the other one (me) has proven time and again to be misled and tricked and weak. His ways are so much higher and more profound than anything I could dream up. His adventures make Indiana Jones look like a board game. And He loves nothing more than to see a life changed and regenerated and worshipping Him.
Today has in store more walks, getting a presciption filled, feeding the fish some more bread - those suckers are waiting for me now - and still can't drive or pick up anything heavier than a phone book. That is the toughest one to obey even though I understand the reason.
The last few days I have slept better than most and yet I still go through a daily rollercoaster of eating, bloating getting weak and then feeling okay, so I guess that's all a part of it. This Wednesday will be week 4 since the surgery so I am still ahead of the game as far as being home early and no complications. I am reminded throughout the day to rely on God to get me through various physical or mental challenges. He has put me in a good place and surrounded me with love and wise counsel.
I was at church Sunday in the balcony. My nurse suggested that I sit in an area with as little exposure to people as possible - come in late and leave early and don't linger she says. Even going to the store should be a get in and get out thing. It is only temporary all of this.
Talk to ya'll later. God be with you.
I shall live and not die, and declare/proclaim the works of the Lord


Anonymous said...

I understand about being misled, tricked etc...been there. The only true safe place is in the Shadow of His protection! That is exactly where I have been hiding quite a bit these days.
However, give grace to those who speak in to your life during this time. I have had many speak in to my life during a very long difficult time of my own, some were hearing the Lord, others just meant well but were not. It is so important that we "learn" the Father's voice for us personally! Felt the need to share that with you.
Hang in there (easy for me to say since I am not where you are) but I mean it with compassion in my heart.
Happy to hear you were at church, even if it was in the Balcony. I still believe your presence is much needed in that I know you are drawing so close to the Lord.
A surrendered vessell you are!!! One of much courage too.
You're truly in my prayers everyday!

Cousin Sandra said...

Hi George and Robin. I look so forward to checking for your latest entry, George. No matter what kind of day I'm having, you always prove to be a lifter of my spirit! I pray for you daily, all day and I love you. I can't wait to hear more about the goats. Mom and Aunt Eva told me you were considering a purchase of some goats. Continue to get better and don't drive to get the car washed anymore!!!!! Yes, we heard about that, too! Love ya, Sandra.