Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Birds, bees and Unity ...

Spring has sprung! I think? The way the birds and the bees are acting around here you would think spring was in full swing. The ants are making their piles, the birds there nests and the bees are all over the fruit trees.
This morning as I was taking my daily driveway walk I noticed the above things. I am fascinated by a pair of red tailed Hawks who have built a nest about 100 ft from my front door in a very large and open topped oak tree. It took me weeks of observing them to figure out what they were doing. But the kicker is they are building the nest together. I do not recall seeing only one of them - if moma flies by dad is only a few seconds away. And sometimes they will catch the wind when it has a strong updraft (so high you almost cannot tell what type of bird they are)and fly around in circles together screaming their classic screeching sound call to each other. It's almost like they are just enjoying each others company on the wind. A few days ago I saw the female fly by with some nesting material in her mouth and then again later in the day with even more material in her clutches. It will be interesting to see if any baby hawks come out of this union.
The ants are even documented in scripture as to their work ethic and power of unity - do I need to elaborate this to anyone living in the south? You have to admit they are very impressive even if they are destructive. If you knock it down they will rebuild it. Without complaining.
The bees are also an example of unity. They work like crazy! Thank God for them because without bees, pollination would literally be left to the wind - which is not nearly as efficient. And what would life have been like without honey - what would Pooh bear have done?
All of these are part of God's design.
Sunday was one of those 'God has changed the order of service type Sundays'. Pastor Don did not even get to share his message. Near the end bro. Keith shared Ps. 133 - "The unity of the brethren" - what is being accomplished and what more could be when we act in unison. The congregation held hands and prayed - literally - in unison.
Go to the hawk, the ant and the bee and observe their selfless unity. Just as nature has them pre-programmed by instinct to do what they do - so the Holy Spirit has to lead us, guide us and train us in the ways of righteousness - which takes more than a few days, weeks or even months. The road of faith is a very long - life long road we have to walk. Sometimes the way is obvious and clear and then at other times the way is foggy and steep.
Joseph was thrown into a pit and also into prison during his walk of faith without knowing where he was being lead by God. I'm certain he doubted himself many times as to the strange turn of events in his life, but he hung on to God and in the end his faith was vindicated and in the end it all made sense. The people that would produce a Messiah were saved.
Isn't that what we all want - for our lives to make sense - to make a difference? I wonder, on a regular basis, where all of this stuff I am dealing with now is going to take me. There can be a daily roller coaster of emotions some days and others it seems like there is no battle at all - even before the cancer diagnosis some days were more difficult than others. But God is faithful and He is unchanging. We rely on God because He is reliable- we trust in Him because He is trustworthy. You cannot out give God and you cannot praise Him enough. He is worthy of everything we can offer and more.
I'll try to be more consistent with my blog ya'll - you know how the simple things distract me.
God Bless. GW


Russell Marino said...

Dear George,
Your blogs are getting deeper and more reflective which is good and most interesting. Keep seeking our Lord all about you... in nature, in your children's faces, in Robin's eyes, in the hugs of brothers and sisters, in His word and through your heart's eyes. He is amazing and so creative in how He speaks to us and allows us to experience His touch in so many unique ways and places. I am enjoying and being exhorted by how He is deepening your faith, your walk, your maturity, your relationships and your love. Well done, Georgie, for cooperating with His will and for continuing to put your hope in Him. He is faithful and trustworthy as you said. Prove Him o'er and o'er. Love, your brother in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Beth Moore, in her bible study: Jesus the one and Only, rewrites this scripture (according to the definitions of the words "blessed" and "fall away")...thought it would encourage y'all.
Luke 7:23
"The hand of God is at work directing divine purpose, or blessing, in all the affairs of the one who does not let the perceived activity or inactivity of Christ trap him or make him stumble!"

think about it...it's Truth!

sonja said...

It is amazing to see and hear indeed how the Lord is using you on this blog. Your words are such a reflection of our "daddy's" heartbeat to all of us! Unity, for sure! (something woman seem to struggle with in comparisons and at times lack of acceptance, Oh how we need this UNITY)

I honestly believe you might have the makings of a book in all of this you are going through....keep seeking the Lord on this!
Words are powerful when they lead us to the One and only Maker!!!

Today is beautiful and I am sure during your walk the Lord will continue to show you "Him" in the simpleness of nature!!!
Even I try to teach Jonah to appreciate the very "essence" (basic nature, concentrated substance)of it all...the ants, the butterfly (it's cute to watch him chase one), the frustrating mosquitos! They need to breed bats here in order to get rid of them since they like to eat mosquitos (not sure if we have bats in the south, that may be the problem; just a thought)
He is even interrested in the "mole holes" in which he picks up every stick, leave etc...and stuffs them!

So much to learn, so much to see and hear...thank the Lord for those who STOP to take it all in.

By the way, it was great to catch a "glimpse" of you, Robin and the kids at the intersection there by Walmart...even if you didn't know it was me, until later!!!!!
Enjoy the "awesome" day and keep "moving with the Lamb" I sence He is so "pleased" with that time with you!!!