Tuesday, May 09, 2006

good report ..

Update on Robin's cousin. I heard from other family that she and her husband are back home and apparently doing okay. I like good news!
You know what would be an ingenious idea? If ABC, CBS and NBC were to broadcast only good news for a week straight - from all arenas - politics, religion, the War in Iraq and Afgan. - that would be incredible. Would people continue to watch it? No catastrophes, no bloody murders by some pervert, no friendly fire conspiracies from the War. Just good news. Here are some headliners I thought up, " U.S. soldiers celebrate the opening of the 100th brand new elementary school in Iraq " and " The President and Congress worked together for positive change today " or " Americans give more time and money to charities than ever before ". How about the shows that 'get into the mind of the serial killer - what makes them tick?' How about 'Get into the mind of mother Teresa - what made her tick?' - that would be a change. I, like many of you, do not watch alot of TV, but when I do it is usually the news and it never fails that the media is always looking for the worst. The Avian Flu is their new darling. From what they are telling us we are doomed to die within the year - no hope - and it's all Pres. Bushes fault. Now we have another religious nut running a cult on a compound somewhere in Texas who thinks the end is near. Apparently they are armed for a confrontation with the government.
I could go on and on... The real good news is that God is on the Throne and Jesus still is in the Saving business.
Sports and practices are back on the front burner. It is a scheduling nightmare sometimes to get everybody where they need to be when they need to be there and then back home. Summer leagues are around the corner. The kids are looking forward to it. I, on the other hand - well, no comment.
Is it hot enough for you yet? The rain has been good for us, a little soggy, but the pond is full to overflowing. This morning I was walking Kenny. He went by the house near a little puddle of water and I saw a pair of little claws come up out of the water at him. It was a mama crawfish with a clutch of eggs in her tail. After I put him in his kennel I caught her and released her into the pond. She slowly crawled into the shallows and started moving around like crawfish do.
The Blueberries are beginning to turn in the backyard. Some are ready to eat. There's nothing like a bowl of fresh berries with a little sugar on them for a healthy treat - and purple mouth and teeth. I have been hitting on the cantalope and strawberries recently but they are store bought. The cantalope was from Honduras and the strawberries were from somewhere.
On and off sleep last night like the night before. It might be the new meds. Thankfully, my wife can sleep through just about anything. Some cramping, the rash is continuing to get better. Hands/feet are quick to turn white if held above the heart level. Maybe a little anemic. Eating like before any of this happened. Still walking at least once per day, whenever it is coolest. It is still intersting to go to the store (pharmacy), like I did yesterday, to watch people's reaction to the mask. I should have been a sociologist. Kirk at the Target on Seigen Ln has been a great help as well as his collegue Brett. The prices are just about the lowest, too. (This has been an unpaid plug for the pharmacy).
I've said enough. God Bless, talk to you soon. GW.


tonja rainey said...

thankful for the rain, but now we have the swarm of mosquitos. no kidding...it's like a plague at our house! any suggestions for getting rid of the swarm?

Russell said...

George, you are waxing elequently my friend... whatever that means! I use to think that meant doing a good job of "wax on;wax off". Oh, well, enough with the philosophical stuff. Good stuff on your idea of "positive news reporting" ...why doesn't that "sell" why do people prefer to hear all the bad and Yucky stuff instead? God help us. Maybe your blog site is one such place where people can hear about "the good news" and "positive thoughts and attitudes" for a change. Keep up the job and faithful job of posting the thoughts of your heart and life for all to read as the Lord leads them to your site for His purposes. I love you and pray that this day you will experience His presence once again that is so life changing.

Zechariah said...

Hey George,

My dad does a morning talk show on an AM station, and they had people complaining about not having any good news, so they declared one day to be "good news Friday." Guess what, none of the people who complained about the bad news called in. Sure enough, they're never going to do it again. It shows that lots of people are great at being idea-generators, but not so well at the follow through.

But we can't expect the world to understand things our way (or His way), can we? I guess the Body of Christ will just have to come to each other for praise reports!

Speaking of praise reports, be praying for SLU. I remember you telling me you graduated from there and were a Chi Alpha member. Well, in January the Lord started putting it on my heart to leave LSU and head over to Hammond. There's a small group of students who want to start XA, but are lacking on free time (all music students) and experience doing campus ministry. I've been well prepared by Nick and everybody here at LSU, I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

So please, be praying, brother -- for God to unify us and build a community there, for Him to send us a pastor whenever He chooses, for all that's necessary in serving Him!

For King & Kingdom,