Saturday, July 01, 2006

Play ball

Well, the Zephyrs beat the Oklahoma team 2 to 1. The kids had a blast! They were all dressed in their team uniforms and hats. The fireworks show following the game was really impressive. One thing this experience does is provoke a patriotic response: baseball and the 4th of July.
I am proud to be an American and would not have it any other way. Regardless of our faults, vices, weakness and corruption – which every country has some of each, we are still the land of opportunity that the entire world looks to for leadership and help in a time of need. I believe God set it up (the country) that way to fulfill a part of His plan. We can choose to worship as we please or not all. We can marry or divorce, work here or work there. We can even check out if you like living under bridges and panhandling at the red lights. God said to choose this day whom you will serve. He went on to say to choose life. I’m choosing life and all that means.
Chemo #10 went well. The nurse hit it on the first stick and this was about the most pain free IV I have had since I started treatments. The wife and son came up and sat with me about half way through. There were only a handful of people receiving treatments today, kind of slow compared to the usual. All the nurses like the new hair cut.
The Doctor said we are following the cycle of every other week. We upped the dose closer to 100%. I had to get a red blood cell shot today and will be getting 3 Neupogen shots next week starting early Sunday before Church. He is concerned about platelet count challenges when 100% of the Gemzar dose is given. I asked if we could try it this week and he obliged. We will see next Friday what happens.
All things considered, today was a good one. Something I read in a new magazine, called ‘Cure’, referred to the ‘new normal’. It rang true to my experience, which is finding a place in which you live (mentally, physically or spiritually) – it is not like it used to be, but rather new and different, hence the term ‘new normal’. This can be transferred to any situation or circumstance in which you find yourself in the midst of irreversible change. It can be good or bad change, limited or very severe. The type of change like my mother’s friend and her husband are experiencing following the fire which destroyed there home recently. That can rock your world – that’s why you had better be leaning on the Rock of ages baby – ‘cause when the storm hits it is almost too late to play the old catch up game. Ancient of Days, Rock of Ages, Lily of the Valley, Bright and morning Star, Fairest of ten-thousands to my soul, Son of David, son of man, Son of God, First born among the dead, the Resurrected Christ, the soon and coming King – Jesus. Lead me to the Rock that is higher than I. Hide me in the cleft of the Rock. Like the song, "Rock Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in thee …" Jesus can show you the way because he has walked it and he is it. He came to show us the Father. I pray that God will hide those of us going through such changes in the cleft of the Rock, Christ our Lord.
God Bless and have a great Saturday. George.

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